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Parched Brook Map and Layouts (Bingo Battle)

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All of the different map layouts for the Parched Brook stage of Bingo Battle in Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see the map layouts, available Pikmin, and enemies for each level!

Parched Brook Map Layouts

Layout 1

Available Pikmin

Pikmin in this Mission
Red PikminRed Pikmin Blue PikminBlue Pikmin

Layout 2

Available Pikmin

Pikmin in this Mission
Red PikminRed Pikmin Winged PikminWinged Pikmin

Layout 3

Available Pikmin

Pikmin in this Mission
Yellow PikminYellow Pikmin Blue PikminBlue Pikmin

Parched Brook Enemies

Waddlepus IconWaddlepus Yellow Wollywog IconYellow Wollywog Female Sheargrub IconFemale Sheargrub Male Sheargrub IconMale Sheargrub
Desiccated Skitter Leaf IconDesiccated Skitter Leaf Iridescent Flint Beetle IconIridescent Flint Beetle Dwarf Bulborbs IconDwarf Bulborbs Hermit Crawmad IconHermit Crawmad
Orange Bulborb IconOrange Bulborb Shearwig IconShearwig Skitter Leaf IconSkitter Leaf Bearded Amprat IconBearded Amprat
Armored Cannon Larva IconArmored Cannon Larva Fiery Blowhog IconFiery Blowhog Burrowing Snagret IconBurrowing Snagret Watery Blowhog IconWatery Blowhog
Skeeterskate IconSkeeterskate

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