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How to Use Bomb Rocks

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This is a guide to using Bomb Rocks in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more bomb rocks tips and tricks, and various uses for Bomb Rocks.

What are Bomb Rocks

Digging Up Bomb Rocks

Bomb Rocks are explosive rocks that are usually found by digging thm up from dirt mounds. They are first found in the Tropical Wilds area, after the Whiptongue Bulborb.

Bomb rocks are a useful aid for the player, and can be a clutch tool when you are in a tight spot! Be wary though, as Bomb Rocks can easily kill your Pikmin as well. If you have a bomb rock holding Pikmin in your party, always exert caution when throwing Pikmin, as its very easy to throw one too many Pikmin and accidentally toss the bomb when you don't have time to pull your Pikmin back.

How to Use Bomb Rocks

Adding and using Bomb Rocks in your arsenal is easy.

Pikmin Pick up Bomb Rock

First, command any type of Pikmin to pick up the rock. You can do so by throwing a Pikmin at a Bomb Rock. They will automatically pick it up and add it to your arsenal.

Aim with Pikmin

Second, make sure to have the bomb rock selected. There is an image of a Bomb Rock on your bottom right which shows if it is equipped. Then aim for an obstacle or enemy that you want to blow up!

bomb Rock Exploding

Finally, sit back and watch the explosion!

Bomb Rock Uses

Bomb Rocks are most commonly used to get rid of obstacles in your way, like iron walls, which take three bomb rocks. In addition, you can blow up dirt walls too, which take only one. Bomb Rocks can also be used to easily dig up fruit that is buried, saving you the time it takes to dig. However, using bombs for these purposes is a bit wasteful, so only do so if you have already blown up any iron walls, or if the day is about to end.

In addition, bombs can be used on some enemies that are a threat to your Pikmin. Enemies are often damaged by nearby bomb rock explosions and some enemies can even be baited to eat them! Here is a list of enemies that have a taste for explosions:

Whiptongue Bulborb IconWhiptongue Bulborb Burrowing Snagret IconBurrowing Snagret Orange Bulborb IconOrange Bulborb Bug-Eyed Crawmad IconBug-Eyed Crawmad
Toady Bloyster IconToady Bloyster Bulborb IconBulborb Spotty Bulbear IconSpotty Bulbear Peckish Aristocrab IconPeckish Aristocrab
Pyroclasmic Slooch IconPyroclasmic Slooch Sandbelching Meerslug IconSandbelching Meerslug

Using bomb rocks against the Sandbelching Meerslug is a must!

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