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How to Solve the Weight Puzzle (Seesaw Block) in Tropical Wilds

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How to Solve the Seesaw Puzzle in Tropical Wilds

This is a guide on how to solve the Seesaw Block Weight Puzzle in Tropical Wilds in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to use the stone pillar weights to obtain the Stellar Extrusion (Starfruit), Scaly custard (Avocado), and Juicy Gaggle (Raspberry) in Tropical Wilds!

Weight Puzzle Solution (Video)

Above is a video solution for the Seesaw Puzzle in Tropical Wilds!

How to Solve the Weight Puzzle

Toss a Yellow Pikmin to the Seesaw

First Step

At the beach, you will see a large stone pillar that seems like it can be moved. Toss Yellow Pikmin up there since Yellow Pikmin are the only Pikmin that can reach the top. After the pillar goes down, toss a separate character with the Yellow Pikmin.

Bring One Leader Back

Second Step

Retrace your steps back and you will see a gap located at the left side of the pathway.

Throw Pikmin at the Bouncy Mushroom

Third Step

There are two ways you can do this. One is by staying close to the edge and tossing Pikmin and the other is by keeping your distance and tossing them over the root blocking the way.

Switch Back

Fourth Step

Switch to the character that you left at the other seesaw pillar.

Get the Scaly Custard

Final Step

Using the character that you left at the other seesaw pillar, make your way through the entrance of the hollowed tree trunk. Keep going straight until you see where the other side of the pillar is. Feel free to call the Yellow Pikmin found here with you as them leaving will not trigger the seesaw pillar. Going left, you should see a Scaly Custard.

Note that it is also possible to throw Yellow Pikmin at it from the ground.

Get the Stellar Extrusion

Path to Stellar Sxtrusion

To get the Stellar Extrusion, position your leader and their Pikmin on top of the inside pillar. Switch to a character that you left outside and have them trigger the outside pillar by the beach. This will raise the inner seesaw pillar, allowing the character inside to traverse the root of another tree stump.

Stellar Extrusion

Once reaching the top of the stump, you can easily see the Stellar Extrusion. Throw 10 Yellow or Winged Pikmin at it to have them bring it to the ground.

Get the Juicy Gaggle

Pathway Covered with Mushrooms

A hidden prize for solving this puzzle is the Juicy Gaggle. To get to the Juicy Gaggle, you have to traverse up the root of an adjacent tree stump that is covered in mushrooms. This root can be found close to where the Scaly Custard is. Clear a path by removing the mushrooms blocking the way then enter through the hole at the center of the stump.

Medusal Slurker

Once inside, a Medusal Slurker can be found lurking within the stump, with 8 eggs below it. 5 of these eggs contain nectar, while 3 of them contain bomb rocks. You can kill the Medusal Slurker by using the bomb rocks, or by attacking it with Pikmin. Make sure to bring a lot of Pikmin with you since the only entrance to this pitfall is the stump hole!

Juicy Gaggle

Once defeated, the Medusal Slurker will spit out the Juicy Gaggle. It takes 1 Pikmin to carry.

Weight Puzzle Fruit

Stellar Extrusion

Stellar Extrusion

The main prize for solving this puzzle is the Stellar Extrusion. It will take 10 Pikmin to get down, and 5 to carry each part.

How to Get the Stellar Extrusion (Starfruit)

Scaly Custard

Scaly Custard

Another prize found by getting to the tree, which will take 8 Pikmin to carry. Can also be gotten from the ground by throwing Yellow Pikmin.

Juicy Gaggle

Juicy Gaggle and dead Medusal Slurker

A hidden prize found by defeating a Medusal Slurker, which will take only 1 Pikmin to carry.

How to Get the Juicy Gaggle (Raspberry)

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