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Tropical Wilds Map: All Fruit, Enemies, and Data Files

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Tropical Wilds Map
A map of Tropical Wilds, an area in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This maps shows all obtainable fruit and data file locations, as well as all enemies and key items that appear in Tropical Wilds.

Tropical Wilds Map

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Key Items

Key Items
KopPad.jpgKopPad Metal Suit Z.jpgMetal Suit Z Folded Data Glutton.jpgFolded Data Glutton


Citrus Lump iconCitrus Lump Crimson Banquet iconCrimson Banquet CupidCupid's Grenade Dapper Blob iconDapper Blob
Dawn Pustules iconDawn Pustules Delectable Bouquet iconDelectable Bouquet Face Wrinkler iconFace Wrinkler Juicy Gaggle iconJuicy Gaggle
Lesser Mock Bottom iconLesser Mock Bottom Mock Bottom iconMock Bottom Pocked Airhead iconPocked Airhead Scaly Custard iconScaly Custard
Searing Acidshock iconSearing Acidshock Slapstick Crescent iconSlapstick Crescent Stellar Extrusion iconStellar Extrusion Velvety Dreamdrop iconVelvety Dreamdrop
Zest Bomb iconZest Bomb

Fruit List | All Fruit Locations


Armored Cannon Larva IconArmored Cannon Larva Bulborb IconBulborb Calcified Crushblat IconCalcified Crushblat Dwarf Bulborbs IconDwarf Bulborbs
Female Sheargrub IconFemale Sheargrub Fiery Blowhog IconFiery Blowhog Hermit Crawmad IconHermit Crawmad Iridescent Flint Beetle IconIridescent Flint Beetle
Male Sheargrub IconMale Sheargrub Medusal Slurker IconMedusal Slurker Orange Bulborb IconOrange Bulborb Peckish Aristocrab IconPeckish Aristocrab
Puckering Blinnow IconPuckering Blinnow Pyroclasmic Slooch IconPyroclasmic Slooch Sandbelching Meerslug IconSandbelching Meerslug Shaggy Long Legs IconShaggy Long Legs
Skutterchuck IconSkutterchuck Swarming Sheargrub IconSwarming Sheargrub Whiptongue Bulborb IconWhiptongue Bulborb Wogpole IconWogpole
Yellow Wollywog IconYellow Wollywog

Piklopedia: Complete Enemy and Boss List

Data Files

Pikminology #1 Pikminology #7 Pikminology #10 Pikminology #15
Moving Using the Whistle Throwing Plucking #1
Plucking #2 Looking Around Locking On Dismissing Squad
Using the Radar #1 Using the Radar #2 Using the Radar #3 Using the Camera
Metal Suit Z Dividing Labor #2 Escaping Sandbelching Meerslug #1
Sandbelching Meerslug #2 Peckish Aristocrab Shaggy Long Legs With one more person...
The cliff-top mystery Journal Entry #4 To my love It's me

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