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Character List: All Playable Characters

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A list of all characters who appear in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. All characters from both the S.S. Drake and S.S. Dolphin, as well as their profile can be found here!

Pikmin 3 Character List

S.S. Drake Characters

All S.S. Drake Characters are playable characters in the main story mode of Pikmin 3 Deluxe. in addition, they can be played in other modes, such as Mission Mode. These characters hail from a planet called Koppai, where they have exhausted their resources, leading them to search elsewhere.

Alph.pngAlph Occupation: Engineer
The young engineer of the S.S. Drake. Very bright and energetic, he puts everything into whatever job he does. He seems to have a strong admiration for Charlie.
Brittany.pngBrittany Occupation: Botanist
A botanist from Koppai. She is a hard worker, and a bit strong willed. She loves to eat and analyze the many fruit from the planet they are exploring.
Charlie.pngCharlie Occupation: Captain of the S.S. Drake
Captain of the S.S. Drake. He seems to have a bit of a fondness for Brittany...

S.S. Dolphin Characters

The S.S. Dophin crew members play a vital role in the Story of Pikmin 3 Deluxe, although they are only playable in Side Stories, as well as bonus modes like Mission Mode. These characters are from a planet called Hocotate

Olimar.jpgCaptain Olimar Occupation: Captain of the S.S. Dolphin
An employee of Hocotate Freight, and captain of the S.S. Dolphin. With the company on the verge of bankruptcy, he came back to PNF-404 to try and find more treasure.
Louie.pngLouie Occupation: S.S. Dolphin Freight Employee
Another worker of Hocotate Freight, who came to PNF-404 together with Olimar. He has an unstoppable appetite, causing problems for everyone, including olimar.

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