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Locations For All Hidden Murals (Pikmin Drawings)

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A list of where to find all 15 hidden murals in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. There are 3 hidden murals in every area: Tropical Wilds, Garden of Hope, Distant Tundra, Twilight River, and Formidable Oak. If you are trying to unlock all badges, read on to see the murals' locations.

Hidden Mural Locations

Tropical Wilds

Red Pikmin (Leaf)
Inside the east waterfall tunnel
Red Pikmin (Bud)
Under the bridge built by Alph on Exploration Day 1
Red Pikmin (Flower)
Inside the tunnel made of wood

The hidden murals in the Tropical Wilds are all drawings of Red Pikmin. The murals depict the abilities and strengths of Red Pikmin.

How to Get Red Pikmin: Abilities and Where to Find

Garden of Hope

Rock Pikmin (Leaf)
At the spot where you first find Brittany
Rock Pikmin (Bud)
Behind the 5 Pellet flower near the Blue Onion
Rock Pikmin (Flower)
In the underwater tunnel between the Bug-Eyed Crawmad and fragments

The hidden murals in the Garden of Hope are all drawings of Rock Pikmin. The murals depict the abilities and strengths of Rock Pikmin.

How to Get Rock Pikmin: Abilities and Where to Find

Distant Tundra

Yellow Pikmin (Leaf)
On the side of the can found near the Bouncing Mushroom
Yellow Pikmin (Bud)
Inside the tunnel dug up near the starting point
Yellow Pikmin (Flower)
Wall under the Bloominous Stemple (a bit high up)

The hidden murals in the Distant Tundra are all drawings of Yellow Pikmin. The murals depict the abilities and strengths of Yellow Pikmin.

How to Get Yellow Pikmin: Abilities and Where to Find

Twilight River

Winged Pikmin (Leaf)
On the backside of the can to the south (underwarter)
Winged Pikmin (Bud)
Inside the tunnel that goes downstream (via the lily pad)
Winged Pikmin (Flower)
On the path leading to the boss (down and left of the mushroom)

The hidden murals in the Twilight River are all drawings of Winged Pikmin. The murals depict the abilities and strengths of Winged Pikmin.

How to Get Winged Pikmin: Abilities and Where to Find

Formidable Oak

Blue Pikmin (Leaf)
On the pillar of the iron wall near the cave entrance
Blue Pikmin (Bud)
Near the cave exit where you save Olimar
Blue Pikmin (Flower)
On the south wall of the field where you first find Olimar

The hidden murals in the Formidable Oak are all drawings of Blue Pikmin. The murals depict the abilities and strengths of Blue Pikmin.

How to Get Blue Pikmin: Abilities and Where to Find

What Are Hidden Murals?

Three Pikmin Drawings in each area

Three in each area.png

Three hidden murals can be found in each area. These are all hidden in rather difficult to find spots, so unless you look very closely, you will probably miss them. Look for them if you have plenty of juice left and time to spare.

Difficult to discover outside of photo mode

Hard to find outside photo mode.png

Some of the murals can only be seen if you have photo mode active. This makes it pretty tough to find them, as mentioned above, so when an area sticks out as a place where secrets may be hiding, it is a good idea to check in photo mode!

Photo Mode Guide: How to Take Pictures

Needed to unlock two badges

An unlock condition for badges.jpg

in order to unlock all badges, you're going to need to locate all 15 hidden murals. It will take a lot of time to discover them on your own, so use the maps on this page to find them if you are going for 100%!

All Badges and How to Unlock

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