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Formidable Oak Map: All Fruit, Enemies, and Data Files

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Formidable Oak Map
A map of Formidable Oak, an area in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This maps shows all obtainable data file locations, as well as enemies that appear in Formidable Oak.

Formidable Oak Map

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There is no fruit in this area.

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Currently UnavailableMysterious Life Form Plasm Wraith IconPlasm Wraith Shearwig IconShearwig Watery Blowhog IconWatery Blowhog

Piklopedia: Complete Enemy and Boss List

Data Files

Rescue Olimar #1 Rescue Olimar #2 Mysterious Life-Form #1 Mysterious Life-Form #2
Plasm Wraith #1 Plasm Wraith #2 Shortcut Closed Path
Journal Entry #7 Journal Entry #8 Journal Entry #9 Journal Entry #10
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