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Twilight River Map: All Fruit, Enemies, and Data Files

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Twilight River Map
A map of Twilight River, an area in Pikmin 3 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This maps shows all obtainable fruit and data file locations, as well as all enemies and key items that appear in Twilight River.

Twilight River Map

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Key Items

Key Items
Scorch GuardScorch Guard


Blonde Impostor iconBlonde Impostor Citrus Lump iconCitrus Lump Crunchy Deluge iconCrunchy Deluge Dapper Blob iconDapper Blob
Delectable Bouquet iconDelectable Bouquet Dusk Pustules iconDusk Pustules Insect Condo iconInsect Condo Juicy Gaggle iconJuicy Gaggle
Lesser Mock Bottom iconLesser Mock Bottom Portable Sunset iconPortable Sunset Searing Acidshock iconSearing Acidshock Seed Hive iconSeed Hive
Tremendous Sniffer iconTremendous Sniffer

Fruit List | All Fruit Locations


Arachnode IconArachnode Burrowing Snagret IconBurrowing Snagret Dwarf Orange Bulborb IconDwarf Orange Bulborb Flighty Joustmite IconFlighty Joustmite
Nectarous Dandelfly IconNectarous Dandelfly Puffy Blowhog IconPuffy Blowhog Scornet IconScornet Scornet Maestro IconScornet Maestro
Water Dumple IconWater Dumple

Piklopedia: Complete Enemy and Boss List

Data Files

Winged Pikmin #1 Winged Pikmin #2 Winged Pikmin #3 Winged Pikmin #4
Scorch Guard Scornet Scornet Maestro Dwarf Bulborb
Desiccated Skitter Leaf Toady Bloyster Arachnode Burrowing Snagret
To future visitors Great partner Journal Entry #6 I've found a mural
A sorry memory From my daughter

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