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This is a guide to finding Eevee and its evolutions in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn where you can find Eevee and all Eeveelutions, as well as how to get their poses!

Where to Find Eevee

Research Camp Lv1

Map Location Image
Research Camp Eevee.jpgEnlarge Eevee location 1.jpgEnlarge
Research Camp Lv1 Map
You can find Eevee hanging out with Thrubbish on the table. If you already unlocked the branching path, you can also find an Eevee inside the lab.

Park (Illumina Spot) Lv2

Map Location Image
Illumina Spot Florio Nature Park Eevee.jpgEnlarge Eevee location 2.jpgEnlarge
Park (Illumina Spot) Lv2 Map
At the start of the course, Eevee will be jumping on top of a sleeping Meganium.

Eevee Locations and How to Get All Stars

Where to Find the Eevee Evolutions (Eeveelutions)

Vaporeon Locations

Reef (Evening) Lv1

Map Location Image
Reef Evening Vaporeon.jpgEnlarge Vaporeon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Reef (Evening) Lv1 Map
You will pass by between two Wailord halfway through the course. Continue through the course until you pass by a Vaporeon on your left, right before you reach the branching paths.

Vaporeon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Flareon Locations

Volcano Lv3

Map Location Image
Volcano Flareon.jpgEnlarge Flareon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Volcano Lv3 Map
Unlocking Research Lv3 on Volcano allows you to choose between the two branching paths. Upon reaching the fork, take the left path and you will see a Flareon on the right side of the lava-filled room.

Flareon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Jolteon Locations

Cave Lv3

Map Location Image
Cave Jolteon.jpgEnlarge Jolteon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Cave Lv3 Map
For this Eeveelution, you'll need to go through two hidden paths in the course. On the first fork, take the right path and continue to the crystal cave and look below. Throw Illumina orbs at the two Carbink and Mawile to make Diancie appear. Throw an orb at Diancie to calm down another Mawile ahead and reveal another path. Take this path and you will see a Jolteon in the plant area below.

Jolteon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Espeon Locations

Forest (Illumina Spot) Lv2

Map Location Image
Illumina Spot Elsewhere Forest Espeon.jpgEnlarge Espeon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Forest (Illumina Spot) Lv2 Map
After passing by the Serperior near the end of the course, look to your left to find a sleping Espeon.

Espeon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Umbreon Locations

Ruins (Illumina Spot) Lv2

Map Location Image
Illumina Spot Ruins of Remembrance Umbreon.jpgEnlarge Umbreon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Ruins (Illumina Spot) Lv2 Map
In the last room of the ruins, you will see a sleeping Umbreon and a Natu beside Xerneas.

Umbreon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Glaceon Locations

Snowfields (Night) Lv2

Map Location Image
Snowfields Night Glaceon.jpgEnlarge Glaceon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Snowfields (Night) Lv2 Map
You need to unlock the hidden path in Snowfields (Day) first before you can find Glaceon. Once you do, move to Snowfields (Night) Lv2 and take the first hidden path. Look up on your right to find a Glaceon sleeping. Throw an Illumina orb at it to wake it up so you can take pictures. You can also find it in the last area atop of another cliff.

Glaceon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Leafeon Locations

Jungle (Night) Lv2

Map Location Image
Jungle Night Leafeon.jpgEnlarge Leafeon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Jungle (Night) Lv2 Map
A Leafeon can already be spotted right at the start of the course but will immediately run from the NEO-ONE. Wait until it slows down near the lake to get a better snap.

Leafeon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Sylveon Locations

Park (Illumina Spot) Lv2

Map Location Image
Illumina Spot Florio Nature Park Sylveon.jpgEnlarge Sylveon location 1.jpgEnlarge
Park (Illumina Spot) Lv2 Map
At the start of the course, throw an Illumina orb at the tall grass on your right to wake up Sylveon. You can also scan the area on your right to locate the sleeping Sylveon.

Park (Night) Lv2

Map Location Image
Park Night Sylveon.jpgEnlarge Sylveon location 2.jpgEnlarge
Park (Night) Lv2 Map
Once you unlock the branching path that leads over Bidoof's dam, make your way to the other side to find a sleeping Sylveon, along with a Torterra and a Grookey.

Sylveon Locations and How to Get All Stars

Reward for Finding Eevee and the Eeveelutions

Eevee Fanatic Research Title

Eevee Fanatic Research Title.jpg

You will receive the Eevee Fanatic Research Title for registering Eevee and all 8 Eeveelutions in your Photodex.

How to Unlock All Research Titles

Tabloid Filter

Tabloid Filter.jpg

You will also receive the Tabloid Filter for obtaining the Eevee Fanatic Research Title.

How to Unlock All Filters

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