Tentacruel Locations and How to Get All Stars | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to Tentacruel's Photodex entry in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find out how to take one star, two star, three star, and four star photos for Tentacruel, and how to get a diamond star rating!

Where to Find Tentacruel

Photodex No. 115
Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Water Image Pokemon Poison Image

Levels Tentacruel Appears In

Undersea Lv. 1 Undersea Lv. 2
Undersea Lv. 3

Photodex Entry for Tentacruel

1★ Photo Example 2★ Photo Example
1 Star Photo 1★ (On alert) 2 Star Photo 2★ (Happy vibes)
3★ Photo Example 4★ Photo Example
3 Star Photo 3★ (A bit unusual!) 4 Star Photo 4★ (A friendly dance )

1~4 ★ Photos taken by the Game8 Walkthrough Team

Lental Region Photodex: List of All Pokemon

How to Get All Stars for Tentacruel

How to Take Tentacruel 1 Star Photo

Caption Name On alert

Scan to alert the Tentacruel

To attain the 1 Star photo of Tentacruel, scan to alert the Tentacruel to your presence then quickly snap a photo of Tentacruel's reaction to the scan. It's better to do this at the end of the main route on research level 1 of Undersea, as there are multiple Tentacruel floating around you in that area.

How to Take Tentacruel 2 Star Photo

Caption Name Happy vibes

Happy Tentacruel

To get Tentacruel's 2 Star Photo, you need to start Undersea at Research Level 3. Take the first alternate route through the cave and use Turbo to get close to the Starmie and Tentacruel.

Wait for the battle between the two Pokemon to end and take a photo of Tentacruel raising its arms up to get its 2 Star Diamond Photo.

How to Take Tentacruel 3 Star Photo

Caption Name A bit unusual!

Spinning Around

Start Undersea at Research Level 1. Proceed through the course until you find a group of Tentacruels near the end of the level.

Focus on the first Tentacruel and run a scan. The Pokemon will react and slowly spin around. Take a photo of the Tentacruel spinning around to get its 3 Star Diamond Photo.

How to Take Tentacruel 4 Star Photo

Caption Name A friendly dance

Undersea Ballroom Dancing

You can obtain this 4 Star photo of Tentacruel while completing the request Undersea Ballroom Dancing. On the route to the undersea ruins, throw an Illumina orb at the male Tentacruel you encounter as you descend the giant hole. Doing so will make it appear alongside a Frillish in the final area of the undersea ruins.

Throw an Illumina orb at the crystabloom beside the Tentacruel and Frillish to make them start dancing. Snap a photo of Tentacruel to complete the request and obtain the 4 Star photo.

Star Meaning and How to Get a High Star Rating

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