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How to Complete the Game (100% Clear)

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Find out how to 100% clear the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. If you are a completionist and want to breeze through post-game dungeons, learn how to max out your Pokemon's level, finish all the post-game dungeons, and more!

Max Out Your Pokemon

Aim for Level 100

Max Marowak.jpg

The maximum level for a Pokemon is Lv. 100. Your stats do not increase as much after Lv. 30 but some moves are learned at higher levels so there is still a point in doing so.

Even in the post-game stage, the most efficient place in getting levels is still through the Makuhita Dojo.

Aim for Maximum Stats

The HP stat maxes out at 500 and the others maxes out at 255. To be able to run all the dungeons easily, you will need about 300 HP and at least base 150 for the other stats. You can increase your stats other than leveling up using these items.

Protein ImageProtein Calcium ImageCalcium Zinc ImageZinc
Carbos ImageCarbos Iron ImageIron Sitrus Berry ImageSitrus Berry

Maxed Out Moves

Just as important is maxing out your moves' Power, Accuracy and PP. Power-up your moves permanently using these items.

Accuracy Drink ImageAccuracy Drink Power Drink ImagePower Drink PP Up Drink ImagePP Up Drink

Clear all the Dungeons

Unlock all the Dungeons First

Northern Range.jpg
After clearing the main storyline, post-game dungeons will be released one by one. For some dungeons to be released, you will need to meet certain conditions. If these conditions are met, event cutsenes that unlock those dungeons automatically trigger after clearing any dungeon.

List of Post-game Dungeons and How to Unlock Them

Most Difficult Normal Dungeon: Silver Trench

Legendary Bird Trio.jpg
The most challenging normal dungeon is Silver Trench, a 99-floor dungeon full of Lv. 60 Water-type Pokemon. The boss is Lugia, and can pose a threat to your team if you are not prepared.

Silver Trench Guide

Most Difficult Challenge Dungeon: Purity Forest

Purity Forest.jpg
Some dungeons reset your Pokemon's levels upon entering them. This means that you would not have access to your Pokemon's usual moves. For these types of dungeons, we recommend Pokemon who have naturally good initial movesets, stats, abilities and Rare Qualities.

Purity Forest Guide

Catch 'em All!

Befriend All Legendary Pokemon

Absol Dialogue.png

All Legendary Pokemon that show up in the game can be recruited into your Rescue Team! Just defeat them in battle and they will join your team.

List of Legendary Pokemon

Fill out the Main Menu with Achievements!

Main Menu Achievements.jpg

You can fill out the main menu with icons that represent your in-game achievements. Having the main menu filled out most likely means that you have went through most of the games content. Here are the achievements needed fill out the main menu.

Icon Achievement to Unlock
Zapdos.jpg Main Storyline
Beat Zapdos in Mt. Thunder
Moltres.jpg Main Storyline
Beat Moltres in Mt. Blaze
Articuno.jpg Main Storyline
Beat Articuno in Frosty Forest
Groudon.jpg Main Storyline
Beat Groudon in Magma Cavern
Rayquaza.jpg Main Storyline
Beat Rayquaza in Sky Tower
Smeargle.jpg Clear
Clear Howling Forest and rescue Smeargle
Kyogre.jpg Post-game
Beat Kyogre in Stormy Sea
Mew.jpg Post-game
Clear Ancient Relic and find Mew
Ho Oh.jpg Post-game
Beat Ho-Oh in Mt. Faraway
Mewtwo.jpg Post-game
Beat Mewtwo in Western Cave
Latios.jpg Post-game
Beat Latios in Northern Range and Rescue Latias in Pitfall Valley
Jirachi.jpg Post-game
Beat Jirachi in Wish Cave
Gengar.jpg Post-game
Clear Murky Cave
Lugia.jpg Post-game
Beat Lugia in Silver Trench
Deoxys.jpg Post-game
Beat Deoxys in Meteor Cave
Celebi.jpg Post-game
Clear Purity Forest
Munchlax.jpg Trigger the Munchlax event in the Square and help Munchlax
Max Rank.jpg Attain the Max Rescue Rank, Master Rank

Max Out Rescue Team Rank

What is the Highest Rescue Team Rank?


One of the completionist activities in the game is raising your Rescue Team Rank to Master, the highest rank in the game. For this, you need 59800 Rescue Points. More details in the article below!

Rescue Team Rank Guide

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Highest rank is Grand Master, btw. I am currently Master and have yet to unlock the last tile. My wife has it and she's grand master.

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did yo do the munchlaxs thing


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