Satorl Marsh Map | Locations, Landmarks and Secret Areas | Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

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This is a guide to fully mapping Satorl Marsh in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on to know all of Satorl Marsh's Landmarks, Locations, Secret Areas, and even unlocking inaccessible ones.

Satorl Marsh Maps

Satorl Marsh Landmarks

Satorl Marsh Area
A Keshler Wetland
B Nopon Merchant Camp
C Crown Tree
D Silent Obelisk
E Glowing Obelisk
F Sororal Statues
G Statue Summit
H Shining Pond

Satorl Marsh Locations

Satorl Marsh Area
1 Lacus Swamp
2 Zaldania Waterfall
3 Poison Swamp
4 Altar of Fate
5 Barren Moor
6 Dark Swamp
7 Igna Territory
8 Exile Fortress
9 Nopon Refuge
10 Soter Ruins
11 Place of Judgment
12 Oath Sanctuary
13 Mauk Floodgate
14 Basin Cave

Satorl Marsh Notes

Hazards of Satorl Marsh

Xenoblade Chronicles Poison Water.jpg
The purple water is poison that will damage your characters over time as they stand in it. Get through it quickly and find a place to rest before engaging enemies, or you'll enter combat below full health

Be Careful When Attacking Enemy Types

Enemies with three dots on their name means that they're a type of monster that groups with fellow species to attack your party. This can be dangerous at the early levels when fighting quadwings since the high level grove quadwings may join the fight against you.

Despotic Arsene

Despotic Arsene.jpg

One of the Superbosses, Despotic Arsene, makes the Satorl Marsh its home. Beware of this tiny rabbit because it packs a punch! For a guide to beating Despotic Arsene, see the link below.

How to Beat Despotic Arsene | Super Boss Guide

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All Maps List

Colony 9 Tephra Cave
Bionis Leg Colony 6
Ether Mine Satorl Marsh
Bionis Interior Makna Forest
Frontier Village Eryth Sea
Alcamoth High Entia Tomb
Prison Island Valak Mountain
Sword Valley Galahad Fortress
Fallen Arm Mechonis Field
Central Factory Agniratha

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