Ponspectors Till We Cry Side Quest Walkthrough | How to Beat Prosecutor Davrum | Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

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This is a walkthrough for the side quest Ponspectors Till We Cry in the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on for where to find this quest, how to complete it, and its rewards.

Ponspectors Till We Cry Basic Information

Gran Dell
Location Giver Timed?
Gran Dell Approach No
0 G
100000 EXP
Nerthis Crown
Priority Wunwun

Ponspectors Till We Cry Side Quest Walkthrough

1 Head to Nerthis Necropolis and go to the most inner chamber to find a treasure chest.
2 Interact with the chest for a scene, then you will fight the guardian, Prosecutor Davrum.
3 Prosecutor Davrum is level 80 so if your level is below 78 all of your attacks will miss. Check below for a strategy on how to defeat Prosecutor Davrum.
4 Defeat Prosecutor Davrum to complete this quest.

Ponspectors Till We Cry Boss Guide

Prosecutor Davrum


Before you fight Prosecutor Davrum, fight the enemies outside the chamber to fill your party gauge to ready a Union Attack. Shulk is the best to control for this fight so engage and get some of his abilities off before popping Shadow Eye to reduce his aggro. Shulk will pull aggro quite frequently so back off to prevent auto-attacking if this happens; the last thing you want is Shulk eating Prosecutor Davrum’s strongest abilities. To protect yourself, keep Monado Shield and Armour up as much as possible. Shield is most important since it can protect you from an enemy’s Talent Art once and this thing's arts hit hard. If your party members' HP is looking good, use Union Attacks whenever possible, especially Red Comet for its enormous blaze damage. Yellow Chaos is also a good option if you want to down it while you recover. With enough preserverance Prosecutor Davrum will bite it just like every other boss.

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