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This is a list of all monsters and their required sizes for crowns in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Read on to learn the sizes of each monster's crown rewards.

What Are Monster Crowns?

A Record of the Smalles/Largest Monster Slain

All monsters differ in sizes when going on a quest. Extremely small monsters are recorded with a small golden crown while big monsters are recorded with a golden crown. They offer no benefit aside from a nifty collection so they aren't extremely important if you only wish to enjoy the game.

Monster Crown Size Guides

Small Crownsmall gold
Silver Crownsilver crown
Gold Crowngold crown
RathalosRathalos 1533.8↓ 1959.85↑ 2096.19↑
AnjanathAnjanath 1481.81↓ 1811.1↑ 1975.75↑
Great JagrasGreat Jagras 998.69↓ 1276.1↑ 1364.88↑
BarrothBarroth 1244.76↓ 1590.53↑ 1701.17↑
JyuratodusJyuratodus 1357.84↓ 1735.01↑ 1855.71↑
DiablosDiablos 1886.63↓ 2410.68↑ 2578.38↑
Kulu-Ya-KuKulu-Ya-Ku 811.12↓ 1036.42↑ 1108.52↑
RathianRathian 1578.93↓ 2017.52↑ 2157.87↑
OdogaronOdogaron 1249.88↓ 1597.06↑ 1708.16↑
Tzitzi-Ya-KuTzitzi-Ya-Ku 804.64↓ 1028.14↑ 1099.66↑
Great GirrosGreat Girros 947.84↓ 1211.12↑ 1295.37↑
Tobi-KadachiTobi-Kadachi 1170.47↓ 1430.57↑ 1560.62↑
NergiganteNergigante 1663.31↓ 2125.33↑ 2273.18↑
PaolumuPaolumu 1029.02↓ 1314.86↑ 1406.33↑
Pukei-PukeiPukei-Pukei 992.21↓ 1212.69↑ 1322.94↑
RadobaanRadobaan 1623.12↓ 1983.81↑ 2164.16↑
LegianaLegiana 1529.78↓ 1954.71↑ 2090.69↑
DodogamaDodogama 1000↓ 1277.77↑ 1366.66↑
TeostraTeostra 1611.14↓ 2058.67↑ 2201.88↑
Kushala DaoraKushala Daora 1721.82↓ 2200.09↑ 2353.14↑
UragaanUragaan 1852.77↓ 2264.49↑ 2470.35↑
LavasiothLavasioth 1617.52↓ 2066.82↑ 2210.6↑
KirinKirin 482.63↓ 616.69↑ 659.59↑
Vaal HazakVaal Hazak 1885.86↓ 2409.71↑ 2577.34↑
Black DiablosBlack Diablos 1886.63↓ 2410.68↑ 2578.38↑
BazelgeuseBazelgeuse 1735.54↓ 2217.63↑ 2371.9↑
Azure RathalosAzure Rathalos 1533.8↓ 1959.85↑ 2096.19↑
Pink RathianPink Rathian 1578.93↓ 2017.52↑ 2157.87↑

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