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Argosy Guide and Best Choices

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Argosy Guide
This is a guide to the Argosy, a limited-time shop in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Read on to see the best items to ask for the Argosy!

What is the Argosy

A Limited Time Shop

The Argosy brings items at the behest of the player's request. The quality of the item also changes after completing the necessary quests.

Milestone Quests

LR/HR Quests
★6 A Colossal Task
★8 A Wound and a Thirst
★9 Land of Convergence
MR Quests
M★1 Banbaro Blockade
M★4 The Defense of Seliana

How to Make the Argosy Appear?

Has A Random Chance Per Quest

The Argosy has a random chance of appearing after clearing a quest. The chance goes higher depending on the number of consecutive times that the Argosy hasn't appeared. The more quests you clear, the higher chance he appears.

Argosy Appearance Rate

4th Quest Clear 10 %
5th Quest Clear 30%
6th Quest Clear and More 60%

Best Argosy Choice

Request for Trade-In Items (Early-Late Game)

With the introduction of the Steamworks, the necessity of gaining rare consumable crafting materials is now over. Ancient Potions and Max Potions are recieved everywhere and Steam Tickets can easily be melded into Demondrugs and Armorskins. With the absurd price of Augmenting gears, we highly recommend going for trade-in items to gain the cash for end-game gears.

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