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How To Hunt Monsters

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A rite of passage in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is, of course, to hunt a monster! But how exactly does one do that? Read on and this article will explain the steps of hunting in Monster Hunter World! (MHW)
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Learn Monster Move Set

How to Beat - Fulgur Anjanath 2.png

Each monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW) has its move set. Stand back and watch for a few moments before deciding when to strike.

Look out for signs or signals that will allow you to predict the attack.

Know Your Attacks

The Hunter and the Empress.jpg
Once there is familiarity with the monster's move set, the next thing to know is the hunter's move set.

Small Attacks

When the monster is aggressive, small attacks will allow you to deal damage but have the option of dodging or rolling away.

Large Attacks

Large attacks can be reserved for when the monster is fatigued, knocked down, paralyzed, or trapped.

Maximize Damage

Every hunt has a time limit, it will always be best to hunt in the most efficient way. This is where knowledge of how to deal the most damage comes into play.

Sleeping Monster

When a monster is sleeping, the first strike deals double damage. The damage dealt can be maximized by bringing barrel bombs and using the highest damage attack to first strike the sleeping monster.

Monster Elemental Weakness

Elemental Attack Skills.png

The Ecological Resource Center has a wide variety of information regarding monsters. If there are enough Investigation points, the Ecological Resource Center has data on what elements the monsters are weak against. Maximize the amount of damage dealt during hunts by using a weapon or decorations that will optimize your build.

Fatigued Monsters

Stamina Thief is a skill that allows you to deplete the stamina of the monster you are attacking at a higher rate.

When a monster's stamina is completely depleted, it becomes fatigued. When fatigued, it moves slower, stands still more often, stays in traps more often and certain attacks can fail.

Knocked Down Monsters

There are several ways to knock a monster down. Each monster type has an optimum method as to how to topple them over. To do this, the amount of health, damage to deal, and different body parts to the best target is precious knowledge.

Paralyzed Monsters

There are several ways a monster can be paralyzed. This will stunt the monters movement and temporarily stop it from attacking.

Paralysis Ailment

Weapons can have elements or ailments. Paralysis causes the monster to be immobilized and vulnerable to high damage.

Environmental Causes

Girros Tailraider.png
Out in the different locations in Monster Hunter World, there are a few native creatures that can cause Paralysis. Girros, Paratoad, and Vespoids. THough, Vespoids can only affect hunters and not monsters.

Trapped Monsters

Traps are a craftable material made by hunters to bring out during the hunts. You can place it down when the monster is sleeping and drop two Tranquilizer bombs and place a trap down to capture it.

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