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How to Get the Dragoon Jump Emote

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This is an article about the Dragoon Jump Emote, a learnable gesture in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Read on to learn how to get the Dragoon Jump Emote, Attacks it can avoid, and tips on using it.

How to Learn the Dragoon Jump Gesture

Complete The “The Legendary Beast” Quest

The Legendary Beast Quest is a collaboration quest from Capcom and Square but despite being a collaboration quest, it's difficulty is through the roofs! (Pre-Iceborne). Learn how to best the massive Behemoth with our Behemoth guide!

Behemoth Weakness and Strategy Guide

Effects of Dragoon Jump Gesture

Teostra Nova Dodge
The Dragoon Jump can be used to dodge monster attacks. The timing for some monsters are hard so it is only optimal for use against the Behemoth.

Behemoth's Meteor

The Dragoon Jump was designed to dodge the Behemoth's Meteor Attack, in the FF series, the Dragoon's Jump is also used to dodge otherwise, dangerous/lethal attacks. This gesture and it's effect against the Behemoth's Meteor is intended.

Safi'Jiva's Star Fall Attack Cannot be Dodged

Safi Jiva Super
The Safi'Jiva's Star Fall attack cannot be dodged by the Dragoon Jump. It is highly advisable to only use the Jump Gesture to dodge the Behemoth's attack and not for the other monsters.

Tips on Using the Dragoon Jump Against Behemoth

① Set It To Your Radial Menu

Radial Menu Jump
When fighting the Behemoth, make sure to have your Jump Emote set to your Radial Menu. This will make jumping the Meteor way easier.

② Set a Good Distance From Yourself to the Meteor

Avoid being too near the meteor when it starts. Try to be on a position where you can see the meteor clearly to make the dodge timing work better.

③ Jump After The Hunter's Animation

jump meteor
After the hunter's short animation in reaction to the Meteor, immediately jump!

Note: The Flinching Animation will not play if Flinch Free is equipped!

The slight flinching animation shown above will not play if the Flinch Free skill is equipped. If you rely on this indicator to dodge Behemoth's Meteor, make sure to remove the skill (and avoid clashing with other hunters).

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