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How To Mount Monsters

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The most efficient way to hunt a monster is to take advantage of openings. Mounting creates a valuable opportunity to deal massive damage. Read on to learn the different ways to mount during a hunt!
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How To Mount Monsters

Mounting a monster may take quite a bit of skill, but once you have the timing and movement down, it creates a huge window of opportunity to deal massive damage!

Keep note that this list will explain different ways to mount a monster but one factor does not change, you must deal enough damage on the way down to mount the monster. If not enough damage is output, the mount will not be succesful.

Ledge Mount Jump onto the monster from a higher surface and attack on the way down
Wall Mount Climb and scalable wall and when high enough, jump off and land of the monster
Insect Glaive Mount Launch into the air and strike downwards while dealing damage
Glider Mantle Mount Incorporate all of these mounting techniques with the Glider Mantle to increase airtime

What To Do When Mounting Monster

Once the monster is sucessfully mounted, the question is how to successfully take it down. To do this, you must be able to stay on it!

Attack While Maintaining Stamina

There are several things you can do to the monster to deal damage while you are mounted. Make sure to look at the upper right of your screen while you are mounted and follow the instructed action. If not, you will quickly deplete your stamina and get thrown off the monster.

Attack, Move and Brace


Mounting Controls
PC PS Xbox
Attack Mouse 1
Triangle button.png
Move W Left Stick
Brace Mouse 3 R2.png RT

Attacking While Mounting

When mounting the monster you can attack the monster. Each attack will deal 1 damage. It is best to reserve this for when the game instructs you to instead of depleting stamina.

There is an option to move and change the body part of the mosnter the hunter is on. To increase the chance of breaking this part, make sure that it is where you are mounted before the finishing attack.

Moving around depletes a lot of stamina so do not use it too much. The higher damage is tempting but the end goal will be impossible if you are thrown off. Though take not that moving while you are expected to brace does not deplete stamina.

Finishing Attack

The end goal is to complete the finishing attack. The game will prompt you to perform an attack that variest per weapon. Once this is performed, the monster will go down, then the window of opportunity to deal damage is open!

Using a blade weapon on the tail during the finisher can cut the tail off while using a blunt weapon on the head can knock out a monster.

The map will glow white when the monster is about to go down.

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