Monster Hunter World (MHW)

List of Trophies and How to Unlock

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List of Trophies and How to Unlock

This is an article about all the PS4 trophies for Monster Hunter World (MHW). If you want to see the full list as well as how to get them, read on!

Trophy Lists
MHW Trophy List Banner.pngMonster Hunter World Iceborne List of Trophies.pngMonster Hunter World: Iceborne

What is a Trophy?

A Separate Achievement System

The PS4 version of Monster Hunter World has implemented a trophy system. Though this does not impact the game at all, it is an achievement system that people try to complete!

How to Unlock MHW Trophies

Beware of spoilers that may be present in the unlock conditions!

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Trophy Conqueror of the New World
Unlock all Trophies for Monster Hunter: World.

Gold Trophies

Gold Trophy Miniature Crown Master
Obtain a miniature crown for many monsters in your hunting log.
Gold Trophy Giant Crown Master
Obtain a gold crown for many monsters in your hunting log.

Silver Trophies

Silver Trophy The Sapphire Star
Solve the mystery of the Elder Crossing.
(Finish the quest: Land of Convergence)
Silver Trophy A LIving Fossil
Capture a fish known as ''the living fossil.''
(Catch the fish: Petricanth)
Silver Trophy Snuggles for All
Capture a fluffy, snuggly creature.
(Catch the Endemic Life: Downy Crake)
Silver Trophy Bristles for All
Capture a stiff, bristly creature.
(Catch the Endemic Life: Bristly Crake)
Silver Trophy Rainbow Bright
Capture a creature that glitters likea rainbow.
(Catch the Endemic Life: Prism Hercudrome)
Silver Trophy Monster Ph.D.
Max out the research level (up to high rank) for many monsters.
Silver Trophy Indomitable
Hunt 50 Tempered monsters.
Silver Trophy Miniature Crown Collector
Obtain a miniature crown for 10 or more monsters that appear from low to high rank.
Silver Trophy Giant Crown Collector
Obtain a gold crown for 10 or more monsters that appear from low to high rank.
Silver Trophy Capture Pro
Capture 50 monsters.
Silver Trophy Monster Hunter
Hunt 500 large monsters.

Bronze Trophies

Bronze Trophy Welcome to the New World
Earn the right to take on two-star assignments.
(Clear the quest: A Kestodon Kerfuffle)
Bronze Trophy Nothing Stops This Commission
Earn the right to take on three-star assignments.
(Clear the quest: Urgent: Pukei Pukei Hunt)
Bronze Trophy Defender of Astera
Earn the right to take on four-star assignments.
(Clear the quest: The Encroaching Anjanath)
Bronze Trophy Into the Deep
Earn the right to take on five-star assignments.
(Clear the quest: Legiana: Embodiment of Elegance)
Bronze Trophy Death Begets Life
Successfully guide Zorah Magdaros.
(Clear the quest: A Colossal Task)
Bronze Trophy The Empress of the Highlands
Earn the right to take on seven-star assignments.
(Clear the quest: Old World Monster In The New World)
Bronze Trophy One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall
Earn the right to take on eight-star assignments.
(Clear the quest: A Wound and a Thirst)
Bronze Trophy The Hunter's Life for Me
Complete 50 optional quests.
Bronze Trophy An Inquisitive Mind
Complete you first investigation.
Bronze Trophy The Franchise Hunter
Complete 50 investigations.
Bronze Trophy Step into the Arena
Complete you first arena quest.
Bronze Trophy Nowhere to Go but Up
Complete 50 arena quests.
Bronze Trophy New World Settler
Establish five camps.
Bronze Trophy The Art of Camouflage
Escape the Jagras pack by hiding in some shrubs.
Bronze Trophy Angling for a Bite
Catch your first fish.
Bronze Trophy Mmm, So Tasty!
Cook your first well-done steak.
(Use a BBQ Spit!)
Bronze Trophy The Bigger They Are...
Mount your first monster.
Bronze Trophy Commissioned Work
Obtain 100,000 research points.
Bronze Trophy Bourgeois Hunter
Possess 1,000,000 zenny.
Bronze Trophy Impregnable Defense
Obtain five highly rare pieces of armor.
(Obtain Rarity 8 Armors)
Bronze Trophy Power is Everything
Obtain five highly rare weapons.
(Obtain Rarity 8 Weapons)
Bronze Trophy Movin' On Up
Move into an upgraded room.
Bronze Trophy First Friends
Befriend your first Tailraider.
Bronze Trophy Bosom Buddies
Raise the proficiency level of any Palico Gadget to level 10
Bronze Trophy Temper Temper
Hunt your first tempered monster.
Bronze Trophy Miniature Crown
Record your first miniature crown for monsters that appear from low or high rank.
Bronze Trophy Giant Crown
Record your first silver crown for monsters that appear from low or high rank.
Bronze Trophy Capture Novice
Capture your first monster.
Bronze Trophy Elderslayer
Slay 50 Elder Dragons.
Bronze Trophy Monster Slayer
Hunt 100 large monsters.
Bronze Trophy HELP!
Fire an SOS flare for the first time.
Bronze Trophy I Am the Reinforcements
Respond to n SOS flare, and help complete 10 quests.
Bronze Trophy Hunters United
Complete a quest via multiplayer.
Bronze Trophy Hunters United Forever
Complete 100 quests via multiplayer.
Bronze Trophy Spreading the Word
Collect over 50 Guild Cards.
Bronze Trophy Established Hunter
Reach Hunter Rank 100.

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