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What Does Elemental Resistance Do?

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Elemental Resistance
This is a guide to Elemental Resistance, a defensive stat in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Read on to learn about Elemental Resistance, its effects, and how to raise it.

What is Elemental Resistance

Raises or Decreases Damage Taken

Elemental Resistance corresponds to the 5 elements that monsters can deal in the game. The higher your elemental resistance to that element, the lower damage you take for that element. This means that some armor may be more viable against certain monsters due to their elemental resistances.

Blocks Blights

Having 20 or more Elemental Reistance allows you to block blights of that elemental attack. This is extremely handy and a good value to aim for when fighting against monsters that unleash a lot of elemental attacks.

How to Increase Elemental Resistance

Increase Via Skill

all resistances up.png

There is a corresponding elemental resistance skills for the 5 elements in the game. They cap at lvl 3 and gives 20 total resistance to the said element, to further increase it via skills, you can equip the Alatreon Set for 20% more resistance or equip Defense Boost skills, it starts giving elemental resistance after level 4 and up.

Increase Via Armor

armor (1).png

Armor has an innate resistance to each elements. Their resistances reflect the monster's elemental strengths so Fire Elder Dragons like the Teostra's armor will naturally be resistant to fire etc.

Increase Via Food

attack boosts (3).jpg

The handiest and easiest way to increase your Elemental Resistance is by eating a meal at the Canteen. Elemental Resistance (L) gives a whooping 15 elemental resistance to all your elemental resistance. This is handy and can easily be partnered by an elemental resist gem for an easy 20 resistance to any element of your choice.

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