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Is Power Drain Worth Leveling Up? Effect and Usage

This page explains the effects of Power Drain, an Art in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1) for the Nintendo Switch. Find out how to use Power Drain, and whether or not this art is worth leveling up!

Power Drain Effect and Basic Info

Power DrainPower Drain
Effect Create a special field that absorbs strength.
User Fiora
Art Type Ether
Level Learned 58
Color Purple
Power (%) -
Cooldown (Sec.) 25 ~ 16

How to Use Power Drain

Currently Unavailable

An explanation for how to use Power Drain is coming! Please check back soon.

Is Power Drain Worth Leveling Up?

Art Ranking A Rank Icon

Power Drain is worth leveling up

This is generally a great Art that is useful in several builds, so we recommend setting it and leveling it up. This Art is one of Fiora's better Arts, and if you have extra AP, you can't go wrong spending it on this one.

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