Lost & Found Side Quest Walkthrough | Where to Find All Pororo's Favourites | Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

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This is a walkthrough for the side quest Lost & Found in the epilogue of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (XC1). Read on for where to find this quest, how to complete it, and its rewards.

Lost & Found Basic Information

Shoulderstone Scree
Location Giver Timed?
Skybridge Pororo No
1 Favourite: Nostalgic Ribbon, 1000 G
5 Favourites: Nostalgic Plate, Nostalgic Amulet, 20000 G
10 Favourites: Nostalgic Rucksack, Nostalgic Anklet, 20000 G
15 Favourites: Quick Step VI, 20000 G
20 Favourites: Debuff Resist V, 50000 G

Lost & Found Pororo's Favourites Locations

Pororo's Favourites can be found at any point in the epilogue, even before you've accepted the quest. Below is a list of all of their locations.

2020052900320300-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Navvir Highlands 2020052901032600-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Companion's Forum
2020052902190900-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Clear Sky Bluff 2020052906303100-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Clear Sky Bluff
2020052906133400-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Purifying Falls 2020052903502300-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge West of Cinnabar Plateau
2020052908035400-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Pillar Knoll 2020052919051700-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Whisperwind Crossing
2020052907575700-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge North of Cinnabar Plateau 2020052908011900-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Shoulderstone Scree
2020052907380400-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Shoulderstone Scree 2020052907454200-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Teelan's Laboratory
2020052908072400-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Agni's Skygarden Ruins 2020052908265500-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Halcyon Wheats
2020052908502100-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Halcyon Wheats 2020052917544900-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Gran Dell
2020052908583600-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Tranquil Tarn 2020052919575300-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Fyme Lane
2020052920062100-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Fyme Lane 2020052920140800-8625352D7931559E8BE3042D46DE9738.jpgEnlarge Forbidden Hushlands

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