New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Milotic Walkthrough: How to Get All Stars

New Pokemon Snap - Milotic Walkthrough: How to Get All Stars
This is a guide to Milotic's Photodex entry in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find out how to take one star, two star, three star, and four star photos for Milotic, and how to get a diamond star rating!

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Where to Find Milotic

Photodex No. 79
Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Water Image -

Levels Milotic Appears In

Forest (Illumina Spot) Lv. 1 Forest (Illumina Spot) Lv. 2

Photodex Entry for Milotic

1★ Photo Example 2★ Photo Example
1★ (Smooth swimming!) 2★ (Noteworthy behavior?)
3★ Photo Example 4★ Photo Example
3★ (You don't see this every day) 4★ (Twister!)

1~4 ★ Photos taken by the Game8 Walkthrough Team

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How to Take Milotic's Photo

1. Throw Fluffruits at Milotic!

New Pokemon Snap - Throw Fluffruits at Milotic!
As soon as you start the course, use Scan Mode to find Milotic swimming underwater. You need to throw Fluffruits at it for the Pokemon to rise to the surface.

2. Throw Two Illumia Orbs When It Surfaces

New Pokemon Snap - Throw Two Illumia Orbs When It Surfaces
Once Milotic surfaces, throw at least two Illumina Orbs for the Pokemon's glowing patterns to appear. Take a photo of it immediately reacting to the orbs to get a high star ranking!

How to Get All Stars for Milotic

How to Take Milotic 1 Star Photo

Caption Name Smooth swimming!

Simple Pose

You can take Milotic's 1-star pose while it is submerged, even when it is not in the Illumina state.

How to Take Milotic 2 Star Photo

Caption Name Noteworthy behavior?

Illuminated State

Throw 2 Illumina orbs at Milotic then as soon as it becomes illuminated and raises its head, take a picture to get the 2-star pose.

How to Take Milotic 3 Star Photo

Caption Name You don't see this every day

Friends at the Lake

Set the Research Level to Level 2 for this pose. After Milotic leaps over the giant root in the first area, follow it to the next where more Pokemon are found.

While Milotic is circling the area, throw a Fluffruit at it then throw 2 Illumina Orbs to make it illuminated. Wait for Milotic to stop and meet a Serperior before taking the photo.

How to Take Milotic 4 Star Photo

Caption Name Twister!

Second Wind

In the area past the giant root, throw a fluffruit then a few Illumina orbs to Milotic to make it enter the Illumina state.

If done correctly, Milotic will surface to where Trevenant and Ninetales are and check on the Crystabloom. Milotic will soon go back underwater and revert to normal form.

Throw another fluffruit and some more Illumina orbs to trigger an event where Milotic leaps up high and create a twister. Be ready for this leap.

While the first twister is active, quickly throw an Illumina orb at Milotic. If it hits, Milotic will create another twister. Take a picture of Milotic with the second twister to get the 4-star pose and complete Milotic's Mighty Leap request.

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