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This is a walkthrough for A Crystal Crown, Act 3 of Crystalline Dreams in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, locations of attribute shrines, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Crystal Harvest A Crystal Crown The Hunting Grounds

A Crystal Crown Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest Crystalline Dreams
A powerful being has dominiated some of the duegar stranded in Icewind Dale and has them mining chardalyn crystals and crystal remnant.

Act Information

Act No. 3
Type Dungeon
Preferred Gear Set Drop Corsair's Panache (Wulfgar)
Sorcere's Sentinel (Drizzt)
Underdark Camo (Catti-brie)
Battlerager (Bruenor)
Bosses Hagedorn
Optional Bosses None
Unlock Requirement Complete The Crystal Harvest
Hagedorn was the name that echoed in our minds. It was what had dominated the duergar. An aberration. A beholder. Hagedorn was combining chardalyn and crystal remnant, using its magic to form the materials into some sort of arcane device. We would have to defeat Hagedorn and destroy the artifact it was trying to create: its own dreamed-up manifestation of the Crystal Shard.

A Crystal Crown Main Objectives

Reach the old collapsed mine entrance

Explore the area
Simply follow the objective marker. Defeat the enemies you encounter and loot what you can.

Defeat the last of Hagedorn's defenders. Use the portal and enter Hagedorn's Lair

2 Dark Alliance A Crystal Crown 01
Defeat the last minions of Hagedorn
Defeat the cultists, duergar, and verbeeg here to advance.

Defeat Hagedorn

3 Dark Alliance A Crystal Crown 02
Beat the boss of the stage
Battle and beat Hagedorn to finish the stage

Boss Strategy: Hagedorn

Dark Alliance A Crystal Crown 03
This has to be the toughest boss since The Chef. It has multiple attacks in its arsenal and majority of it hits hard. When it gets low in HP, it will even summon a huge seal to completely wipe out your HP, killing you outright. Dodging and timely attacks are key to winning this battle.

How to Beat Hagedorn

A Crystal Crown Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 Located at the left side of the portal to the Old Collapsed Mine Entrance.
2 Located besides the portal back to the Starting Area.
3 Located across a field of poisonous flowers in the Old Collapsed Mine Entrance.

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