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This is a guide to the multiplayer mode of D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know if the game allows for local and online multiplayer as well as crossplay!

Does Dark Alliance Have A Multiplayer Mode?

Yes, Multiplayer is Available

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Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance has a multiplayer mode. You can play with your friends through Online Multiplayer and soon through Split-Screen Couch Co-Op play.

Is Local Co-op (Couch Co-op) Available?

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Local co-op will not be available for D&D: Dark Alliance during release. But, it will be available soon! The developers mentioned that they are working on having this multiplayer feature on the first free DLC this summer.

Is Local Co-op (Couch Co-op) Available?

Online Multiplayer

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However, online multiplayer will be allowed wherein different players from across the world will join in a four-team party. You can even use the same hero in the party!

How to Invite Friends

Does Dark Alliance Have Crossplay?

Xbox to PC Only

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Dark Alliance allows cross-gen play, meaning PS4 and PS5 users can play with each other as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The same goes for PC.

There's still no information on if cross-platform play will be available for all platforms. But according to Xbox News, it is available between PC (Windows 10) and Xbox consoles.

Is There Crossplay?

Is Single Player Available?

Single Player Mode is Available

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Yes, you can play Dark Alliance in single player mode and you don't even have to be online to play. However, given its format and emphasis on multiplayer across generations, it may be a little bit difficult to accomplish this.

PS4 - PS5 Crossplay Issues

For reasons not yet disclosed by the developers, the game's multiplayer server seems to be bugged. PS4 and PS5 players are currently experiencing issues where they can not find another player to play co-op with.

Follow the official Twitter account of Dark Alliance, for more updates about this issue.

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