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Dark Alliance How to Beat Garn and Murdunn
This is a strategy guide for beating Garnn and Murdunn, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Garnn and Murdunn's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Garnn and Murdunn Battle Overview

Garnn and Murdunn
Dark Alliance - Garnn and Murdunn
Quest Companions of Icewind Dale
Act Bangor's Span
These two brothers held the entry to Bangor's Span, part of an advance force of duergar ment to secure their foothold in the Dale while the armies marched in from the Underdark.

Garnn and Murdunn are duergar that you'll have to fight simultaneously. Garnn has regenerative armor and uses a sword and shield and is dangerous at close range. Murdunn is a caster who will prefer to fire spells at you from a distance but will have no armor.

Garnn Attacks and Abilities

Sword Slash

Dark Alliance Garnn Sword Slash
Garnn strikes his sword at you when you get close to him. Dodge away from him or block to avoid this.

Shield Bash

Dark Alliance Shield Bash
Garnn shoves his shield in your direction, simultaneously blocking and damaging you. Dodge in any direction away from him to evade this.

Shadow Copy

Dark Alliance Shadow Copy
Garnn creates shadow versions of himself that you'll have to kill in order to break his immunity.

Murdunn Attacks and Abilities

Spell Ball

Dark Alliance Murdunn Spell Ball
Murdunn generates orbs in his hands and fires them at you one by one. He casts this spell a number of times so continue dodging to the side until he stops. You'll see him charging this spell up so getting some distance will make it easier to evade. Getting hit by this will cause you to be Cursed.

AoE Blast

Dark Alliance Murdunn Spell Blast
Murdunn raises his arms and casts a blast of energy in the area around him, anyone caught inside the zone is damaged. You can telegraph this easily since he takes some time to cast the spell. Dodge backwards. Getting hit by this will cause you to be Confused.

Teleport Strike

Dark Alliance Murdunn Teleport Strike
Murdunn uses dark energy to deal an AoE damage blast. Usually cast when you're close to him, he disappears for a split second and teleports behind or beside you. You'll see him crouch before jumping when he's about to cast this. You can try to block this but it's best to dodge to the side.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Garnn and Murdunn

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkKill Minions First

CheckmarkUse Barricades

CheckmarkPrioritize Garnn

CheckmarkStay On the Move

CheckmarkWait Until They're Exhausted

Kill Minions First

Dark Alliance Kill Minions First
As you fight the two bosses, archers will spawn around you. They can be a nuisance to deal with since they'll interrupt your attacks from afar. Deal with them first to have an easier time.

Use Barricades

Dark Alliance Use Barricades
There are barricades around the combat area that you can use as cover from Murdunn's Spell Ball. This spell won't be able to penetrate the barricade. If he tries to get near you, just move to the next barricade.

Prioritize Garnn

Dark Alliance Prioritize Garnn
In connection with the barricades, while Murdunn will stay back and cast spells even if you're behind cover, Garnn will be trying to fight you up close. He will separate from Murdunn, and you can fight him 1-on-1. Since he has no AoE spell, freely use your combos on him.

Stay On the Move

Dark Alliance Murdunn Stay on the Move
Since Murdunn has spells to hit you with from both close and long range, make sure you're aware of what he's casting and always be ready to dodge in any direction. The cast time for his spells takes a while so you should have ample grace periods to evade.

Wait Until They're Exhausted

Dark Alliance Garnn Exhausted
After casting numerous moves, they will sometimes be outlined yellow indicating they're Exhausted. At this state, hit them from behind to get a critical hit.

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