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This is a walkthrough for Return of the Tyrant, Act 3 of The Order of the One Light in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, locations of attribute shrines, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Order of the One Light Return of the Tyrant Ghosts of the Past

Return of the Tyrant Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest The Order of the One Light
Cultists that worship the Crystal Shard like a god have found Kessell's body and infused it with arcane power, reanimating him. Now he seeks to rebuild his army and take his revenge on Icewind Dale.

Act Information

Act No. 3
Type Mission
Preferred Gear Set Drop Captive of the Abyss (Wulfgar)
Wearer of the Mask (Drizzt)
Alustriel's Gift (Catti-brie)
Keeper of Secrets (Bruenor)
Bosses Akar Kessell
Optional Bosses None
Unlock Requirement Complete Order of the One Light
Kessell did not have the Shard to help him dominate creatures, but the power the cultists had given him was still dangerous. Though few had answered Kessell's call, in time, they would grow and be a threat to the entire Dale. Now was the time to deal with Kessell once and for all.

Return of the Tyrant Main Objectives

Fight through the forces guarding the elevator to the tower-top. Take the elevator to the tower-top

1 Dark Alliance Return of the Tyrant 01
Battle through the corridor and defeat all enemies
Defeat the enemies in the bridge to reach the elevator at the end.

Defeat Akar Kessell, the Dead Tyrant of Icewind Dale

2 Dark Alliance Return of the Tyrant 03
Defeat the boss
Ride the elevator and defeat the boss.

Boss Strategy: Akar Kessell

All-Out Offense

While Akar Kessell is touted in the story as a strong oppponent, he sure doesn't seem like it. He is a classic mage and will deal you massive magic spells ranging from lightning bolts to poison clouds. Dodge them and attack him.

The thing about him is he revives 5 times before he ultimately falls permanently. His attack will vary a little, so just keep up the offense and heal up when necessary.

Return of the Tyrant Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 Located in the area just before crossing the bridge.
2 Located in the area of your first short rest.
3 Located just left of the elevator of the boss area.

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