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This is a list of Equipment available in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn what weapons are found in the game, what types of Weapons appear, their stats and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

Equipment Types

Scimitars Warhammers Axes Bows
Helms Guards Chestguards Bracers Leg Guards
Necklaces Rings

How to Get Equipment?

Players can obtain equipment as rewards from completing quests. Some equipment can be purchased or looted from various locations. Others may be dropped by enemies and bosses after combat, or even crafted by using the required materials.

Loot System

Dark Alliance allows players to have unique loot of their own despite playing in a party. This prevent players from having to fight over loot drops.

How to Get Better Loot and Equipment

Armor Sets

List of Armor Sets

Elemental Resistance Sets

Cold Resistance Fire Resistance Acid Resistance
Lightning Resistance Necrotic Resistance

Drizzt Do'Urden Sets

Ranger's Set Tundra Raptor
Warden of Mielikki Do'Urden Prince
Wearer of the Mask Remorhaz Brotherhood
Sorcere's Sentinel Dragonsbane

Wulfgar Sets

Barbarian's Set Tundra Trapper
Blacksmith's Apprentice Tempus Champion
Captive of the Abyss Flag Bearer
Corsair's Panache Reghed Chief

Catti-brie Sets

Archer's Set Tundra Explorer
Goblin Reaper Battlehammer Princess
Alustriel's Gift Barbarian Diplomat
Underdark Camo Sea Sprite's Watch

Bruenor Battlehammer Sets

Shield Dwarf Hoard Raider
Goblin Bane Duergar Infiltrator
Keeper of Secrets Battlehammer King
Battlerager Coldstone Guardian

Equipment Modification

Each piece of equipment is granted a ranking of 1-5. Items with a higher rank will have better bonus values compared to lower rank versions of the same name. You can upgrade your equipment using materials you will find on missions.

These modifications further increase the bonus value for your equipment, however, each piece of equipment can only be modified and levelled up to three times.

List of Equipment



RangerRanger's Scimitar Necrotic Resistance Scimitar ImageNecrotic Resistance Scimitar Fire Resistance Scimitar ImageFire Resistance Scimitar
Dragonsbane Scimitar ImageDragonsbane Scimitar Remorhaz Brotherhood Scimitar ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Scimitar Tundra Raptor Scimitar ImageTundra Raptor Scimitar
Acid Resistance Scimitar ImageAcid Resistance Scimitar Lightning Resistance Scimitar ImageLightning Resistance Scimitar Cold Resistance Scimitar ImageCold Resistance Scimitar
DoDo'Urden Prince Scimitar SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Scimitar Warden of Mielikki Scimitar ImageWarden of Mielikki Scimitar
Wearer of the Mask Scimitar ImageWearer of the Mask Scimitar

List of Scimitars


BarbarianBarbarian's Warhammer Reghed Chief Warhammer ImageReghed Chief Warhammer Acid Resistance Warhammer ImageAcid Resistance Warhammer
Cold Resistance Warhammer ImageCold Resistance Warhammer Fire Resistance Warhammer ImageFire Resistance Warhammer Lightning Resistance Warhammer ImageLightning Resistance Warhammer
Necrotic Resistance Warhammer ImageNecrotic Resistance Warhammer BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Warhammer Captive of the Abyss Warhammer ImageCaptive of the Abyss Warhammer
CorsairCorsair's Panache Warhammer Flag Bearer Warhammer ImageFlag Bearer Warhammer Tempus Champion Warhammer ImageTempus Champion Warhammer
Tundra Trapper Warhammer ImageTundra Trapper Warhammer

List of Warhammers


Necrotic Resistance Axe ImageNecrotic Resistance Axe Shield Dwarf Axe ImageShield Dwarf Axe Hoard Raider Scales Axe ImageHoard Raider Scales Axe
Battlehammer King Axe ImageBattlehammer King Axe Cold Resistance Axe ImageCold Resistance Axe Fire Resistance Axe ImageFire Resistance Axe
Lightning Resistance Axe ImageLightning Resistance Axe Acid Resistance Axe ImageAcid Resistance Axe Keeper of Secrets Axe ImageKeeper of Secrets Axe
Battlerager Axe ImageBattlerager Axe Duergar Infiltrator Axe ImageDuergar Infiltrator Axe Coldstone Guardian Axe ImageColdstone Guardian Axe
Goblin Bane Axe ImageGoblin Bane Axe

List of Axes


Battlehammer Princess Bow ImageBattlehammer Princess Bow Necrotic Resistance Bow ImageNecrotic Resistance Bow ArcherArcher's Bow
Tundra Explorer Bow ImageTundra Explorer Bow Acid Resistance Bow ImageAcid Resistance Bow Goblin Reaper Bow ImageGoblin Reaper Bow
Barbarian Diplomat Bow ImageBarbarian Diplomat Bow Fire Resistance Bow ImageFire Resistance Bow Lightning Resistance Bow ImageLightning Resistance Bow
Underdark Camo Bow ImageUnderdark Camo Bow AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Bow Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Bow
Cold Resistance Bow ImageCold Resistance Bow

List of Bows



Necrotic Resistance Helm ImageNecrotic Resistance Helm DoDo'Urden Prince Helm Shield Dwarf Helm ImageShield Dwarf Helm
RangerRanger's Helm Remorhaz Brotherhood Helm ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Helm Tundra Raptor Helm ImageTundra Raptor Helm
CorsairCorsair's Panache Helm Fire Resistance Helm ImageFire Resistance Helm SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Helm
ArcherArcher's Helm Tundra Trapper Helm ImageTundra Trapper Helm Barbarian Diplomat Helm ImageBarbarian Diplomat Helm
Underdark Camo Helm ImageUnderdark Camo Helm BarbarianBarbarian's Helm Cold Resistance Helm ImageCold Resistance Helm
AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Helm Dragonsbane Helm ImageDragonsbane Helm Acid Resistance Helm ImageAcid Resistance Helm
Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Helm Goblin Reaper Helm ImageGoblin Reaper Helm Lightning Resistance Helm ImageLightning Resistance Helm
Battlehammer Princess Helm ImageBattlehammer Princess Helm Tundra Explorer Helm ImageTundra Explorer Helm Battlehammer King Helm ImageBattlehammer King Helm
Hoard Raider Scales Helm ImageHoard Raider Scales Helm Keeper of Secrets Helm ImageKeeper of Secrets Helm Battlerager Helm ImageBattlerager Helm
Duergar Infiltrator Helm ImageDuergar Infiltrator Helm Coldstone Guardian Helm ImageColdstone Guardian Helm Goblin Bane Helm ImageGoblin Bane Helm
Warden of Mielikki Helm ImageWarden of Mielikki Helm Wearer of the Mask Helm ImageWearer of the Mask Helm BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Helm
Captive of the Abyss Helm ImageCaptive of the Abyss Helm Flag Bearer Helm ImageFlag Bearer Helm Reghed Chief Helm ImageReghed Chief Helm
Tempus Champion Helm ImageTempus Champion Helm

List of Helms


Shield Dwarf Chestguard ImageShield Dwarf Chestguard Battlehammer Princess Chestguard ImageBattlehammer Princess Chestguard ArcherArcher's Chestguard
RangerRanger's Chestguard DoDo'Urden Prince Chestguard Lightning Resistance Chestguard ImageLightning Resistance Chestguard
BarbarianBarbarian's Chestguard Acid Resistance Chestguard ImageAcid Resistance Chestguard Captive of the Abyss Chestguard ImageCaptive of the Abyss Chestguard
BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Chestguard Cold Resistance Chestguard ImageCold Resistance Chestguard Fire Resistance Chestguard ImageFire Resistance Chestguard
Wearer of the Mask Chestguard ImageWearer of the Mask Chestguard Dragonsbane Chestguard ImageDragonsbane Chestguard Necrotic Resistance Chestguard ImageNecrotic Resistance Chestguard
Tundra Raptor Chestguard ImageTundra Raptor Chestguard Tundra Explorer Chestguard ImageTundra Explorer Chestguard AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Chestguard
Barbarian Diplomat Chestguard ImageBarbarian Diplomat Chestguard Goblin Reaper Chestguard ImageGoblin Reaper Chestguard Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Chestguard
Underdark Camo Chestguard ImageUnderdark Camo Chestguard Battlehammer King Chestguard ImageBattlehammer King Chestguard Hoard Raider Scales Chestguard ImageHoard Raider Scales Chestguard
Keeper of Secrets Chestguard ImageKeeper of Secrets Chestguard Battlerager Chestguard ImageBattlerager Chestguard Duergar Infiltrator Chestguard ImageDuergar Infiltrator Chestguard
Coldstone Guardian Chestguard ImageColdstone Guardian Chestguard Goblin Bane Chestguard ImageGoblin Bane Chestguard Remorhaz Brotherhood Chestguard ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Chestguard
SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Chestguard Warden of Mielikki Chestguard ImageWarden of Mielikki Chestguard CorsairCorsair's Panache Chestguard
Flag Bearer Chestguard ImageFlag Bearer Chestguard Reghed Chief Chestguard ImageReghed Chief Chestguard Tempus Champion Chestguard ImageTempus Champion Chestguard
Tundra Trapper Chestguard ImageTundra Trapper Chestguard

List of Chestguards


BarbarianBarbarian's Pelt Necrotic Resistance Pelt ImageNecrotic Resistance Pelt Tempus Champion Pelt ImageTempus Champion Pelt
BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Pelt Acid Resistance Pelt ImageAcid Resistance Pelt Cold Resistance Pelt ImageCold Resistance Pelt
Fire Resistance Pelt ImageFire Resistance Pelt Lightning Resistance Pelt ImageLightning Resistance Pelt Captive of the Abyss Pelt ImageCaptive of the Abyss Pelt
CorsairCorsair's Panache Pelt Flag Bearer Pelt ImageFlag Bearer Pelt Reghed Chief Pelt ImageReghed Chief Pelt
Tundra Trapper Pelt ImageTundra Trapper Pelt RangerRanger's Piwafwi Lightning Resistance Piwafwi ImageLightning Resistance Piwafwi
Remorhaz Brotherhood Piwafwi ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Piwafwi Tundra Raptor Piwafwi ImageTundra Raptor Piwafwi Acid Resistance Piwafwi ImageAcid Resistance Piwafwi
Necrotic Resistance Piwafwi ImageNecrotic Resistance Piwafwi Dragonsbane Piwafwi ImageDragonsbane Piwafwi Fire Resistance Piwafwi ImageFire Resistance Piwafwi
Cold Resistance Piwafwi ImageCold Resistance Piwafwi SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Piwafwi Warden of Mielikki Piwafwi ImageWarden of Mielikki Piwafwi
DoDo'Urden Prince Piwafwi Wearer of the Mask Piwafwi ImageWearer of the Mask Piwafwi AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Quiver
Goblin Reaper Quiver ImageGoblin Reaper Quiver Battlehammer Princess Quiver ImageBattlehammer Princess Quiver Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Quiver
Necrotic Resistance Quiver ImageNecrotic Resistance Quiver Acid Resistance Quiver ImageAcid Resistance Quiver Cold Resistance Quiver ImageCold Resistance Quiver
ArcherArcher's Quiver Barbarian Diplomat Quiver ImageBarbarian Diplomat Quiver Underdark Camo Quiver ImageUnderdark Camo Quiver
Lightning Resistance Quiver ImageLightning Resistance Quiver Fire Resistance Quiver ImageFire Resistance Quiver Tundra Explorer Quiver ImageTundra Explorer Quiver
Shield Dwarf Shield ImageShield Dwarf Shield Hoard Raider Scales Shield ImageHoard Raider Scales Shield Necrotic Resistance Shield ImageNecrotic Resistance Shield
Fire Resistance Shield ImageFire Resistance Shield Lightning Resistance Shield ImageLightning Resistance Shield Acid Resistance Shield ImageAcid Resistance Shield
Battlehammer King Shield ImageBattlehammer King Shield Keeper of Secrets Shield ImageKeeper of Secrets Shield Battlerager Shield ImageBattlerager Shield
Duergar Infiltrator Shield ImageDuergar Infiltrator Shield Coldstone Guardian Shield ImageColdstone Guardian Shield Goblin Bane Shield ImageGoblin Bane Shield
Cold Resistance Shield ImageCold Resistance Shield
List of Piwafwis List of Pelts
List of Quivers List of Shields


Shield Dwarf Bracers ImageShield Dwarf Bracers DoDo'Urden Prince Bracers RangerRanger's Bracers
BarbarianBarbarian's Bracers Tempus Champion Bracers ImageTempus Champion Bracers ArcherArcher's Bracers
Reghed Chief Bracers ImageReghed Chief Bracers Acid Resistance Bracers ImageAcid Resistance Bracers Tundra Explorer Bracers ImageTundra Explorer Bracers
Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Bracers Goblin Reaper Bracers ImageGoblin Reaper Bracers Lightning Resistance Bracers ImageLightning Resistance Bracers
SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Bracers Barbarian Diplomat Bracers ImageBarbarian Diplomat Bracers Battlehammer Princess Bracers ImageBattlehammer Princess Bracers
AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Bracers Underdark Camo Bracers ImageUnderdark Camo Bracers Battlehammer King Bracers ImageBattlehammer King Bracers
Hoard Raider Scales Bracers ImageHoard Raider Scales Bracers Keeper of Secrets Bracers ImageKeeper of Secrets Bracers Battlerager Bracers ImageBattlerager Bracers
Duergar Infiltrator Bracers ImageDuergar Infiltrator Bracers Coldstone Guardian Bracers ImageColdstone Guardian Bracers Goblin Bane Bracers ImageGoblin Bane Bracers
Cold Resistance Bracers ImageCold Resistance Bracers Dragonsbane Bracers ImageDragonsbane Bracers Remorhaz Brotherhood Bracers ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Bracers
Tundra Raptor Bracers ImageTundra Raptor Bracers Warden of Mielikki Bracers ImageWarden of Mielikki Bracers Wearer of the Mask Bracers ImageWearer of the Mask Bracers
BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Bracers Captive of the Abyss Bracers ImageCaptive of the Abyss Bracers CorsairCorsair's Panache Bracers
Flag Bearer Bracers ImageFlag Bearer Bracers Tundra Trapper Bracers ImageTundra Trapper Bracers Fire Resistance Bracers ImageFire Resistance Bracers
Necrotic Resistance Bracers ImageNecrotic Resistance Bracers

List of Bracers

Leg Guards

Acid Resistance Leg Guards ImageAcid Resistance Leg Guards Shield Dwarf Leg Guards ImageShield Dwarf Leg Guards Fire Resistance Leg Guards ImageFire Resistance Leg Guards
RangerRanger's Leg Guards BarbarianBarbarian's Leg Guards Tundra Raptor Leg Guards ImageTundra Raptor Leg Guards
Tempus Champion Leg Guards ImageTempus Champion Leg Guards ArcherArcher's Leg Guards Necrotic Resistance Leg Guards ImageNecrotic Resistance Leg Guards
Reghed Chief Leg Guards ImageReghed Chief Leg Guards Tundra Trapper Leg Guards ImageTundra Trapper Leg Guards Cold Resistance Leg Guards ImageCold Resistance Leg Guards
Tundra Explorer Leg Guards ImageTundra Explorer Leg Guards Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Leg Guards AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Leg Guards
Goblin Reaper Leg Guards ImageGoblin Reaper Leg Guards Barbarian Diplomat Leg Guards ImageBarbarian Diplomat Leg Guards Battlehammer Princess Leg Guards ImageBattlehammer Princess Leg Guards
Underdark Camo Leg Guards ImageUnderdark Camo Leg Guards Battlehammer King Leg Guards ImageBattlehammer King Leg Guards Hoard Raider Scales Leg Guards ImageHoard Raider Scales Leg Guards
Keeper of Secrets Leg Guards ImageKeeper of Secrets Leg Guards Battlerager Leg Guards ImageBattlerager Leg Guards Duergar Infiltrator Leg Guards ImageDuergar Infiltrator Leg Guards
Coldstone Guardian Leg Guards ImageColdstone Guardian Leg Guards Goblin Bane Leg Guards ImageGoblin Bane Leg Guards DoDo'Urden Prince Leg Guards
Dragonsbane Leg Guards ImageDragonsbane Leg Guards Remorhaz Brotherhood Leg Guards ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Leg Guards SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Leg Guards
Warden of Mielikki Leg Guards ImageWarden of Mielikki Leg Guards Wearer of the Mask Leg Guards ImageWearer of the Mask Leg Guards BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Leg Guards
Captive of the Abyss Leg Guards ImageCaptive of the Abyss Leg Guards CorsairCorsair's Panache Leg Guards Flag Bearer Leg Guards ImageFlag Bearer Leg Guards
Lightning Resistance Leg Guards ImageLightning Resistance Leg Guards

List of Leg Guards



Lightning Resistance Necklace ImageLightning Resistance Necklace Shield Dwarf Necklace ImageShield Dwarf Necklace RangerRanger's Necklace
ArcherArcher's Necklace Flag Bearer Necklace ImageFlag Bearer Necklace Tundra Explorer Necklace ImageTundra Explorer Necklace
Goblin Reaper Necklace ImageGoblin Reaper Necklace Acid Resistance Necklace ImageAcid Resistance Necklace Remorhaz Brotherhood Necklace ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Necklace
Warden of Mielikki Necklace ImageWarden of Mielikki Necklace BarbarianBarbarian's Necklace Barbarian Diplomat Necklace ImageBarbarian Diplomat Necklace
Battlehammer Princess Necklace ImageBattlehammer Princess Necklace AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Necklace Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Necklace
Underdark Camo Necklace ImageUnderdark Camo Necklace Battlehammer King Necklace ImageBattlehammer King Necklace Hoard Raider Scales Necklace ImageHoard Raider Scales Necklace
Keeper of Secrets Necklace ImageKeeper of Secrets Necklace Battlerager Necklace ImageBattlerager Necklace Duergar Infiltrator Necklace ImageDuergar Infiltrator Necklace
Coldstone Guardian Necklace ImageColdstone Guardian Necklace Goblin Bane Necklace ImageGoblin Bane Necklace Necrotic Resistance Necklace ImageNecrotic Resistance Necklace
DoDo'Urden Prince Necklace Dragonsbane Necklace ImageDragonsbane Necklace SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Necklace
Tundra Raptor Necklace ImageTundra Raptor Necklace Wearer of the Mask Necklace ImageWearer of the Mask Necklace BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Necklace
Captive of the Abyss Necklace ImageCaptive of the Abyss Necklace CorsairCorsair's Panache Necklace Reghed Chief Necklace ImageReghed Chief Necklace
Tempus Champion Necklace ImageTempus Champion Necklace Tundra Trapper Necklace ImageTundra Trapper Necklace Fire Resistance Necklace ImageFire Resistance Necklace
Cold Resistance Necklace ImageCold Resistance Necklace

List of Necklaces


Hoard Raider Scales Ring ImageHoard Raider Scales Ring RangerRanger's Ring Tundra Raptor Ring ImageTundra Raptor Ring
Necrotic Resistance Ring ImageNecrotic Resistance Ring Remorhaz Brotherhood Ring ImageRemorhaz Brotherhood Ring Tundra Trapper Ring ImageTundra Trapper Ring
Wearer of the Mask Ring ImageWearer of the Mask Ring Cold Resistance Ring ImageCold Resistance Ring Tundra Explorer Ring ImageTundra Explorer Ring
ArcherArcher's Ring Sea SpriteSea Sprite's Watch Ring Barbarian Diplomat Ring ImageBarbarian Diplomat Ring
Goblin Reaper Ring ImageGoblin Reaper Ring Dragonsbane Ring ImageDragonsbane Ring BarbarianBarbarian's Ring
Lightning Resistance Ring ImageLightning Resistance Ring AlustrielAlustriel's Gift Ring Battlehammer Princess Ring ImageBattlehammer Princess Ring
Underdark Camo Ring ImageUnderdark Camo Ring Battlehammer King Ring ImageBattlehammer King Ring Keeper of Secrets Ring ImageKeeper of Secrets Ring
Battlerager Ring ImageBattlerager Ring Duergar Infiltrator Ring ImageDuergar Infiltrator Ring Coldstone Guardian Ring ImageColdstone Guardian Ring
Goblin Bane Ring ImageGoblin Bane Ring DoDo'Urden Prince Ring SorcereSorcere's Sentinel Ring
Warden of Mielikki Ring ImageWarden of Mielikki Ring BlacksmithBlacksmith's Apprentice Ring Captive of the Abyss Ring ImageCaptive of the Abyss Ring
CorsairCorsair's Panache Ring Flag Bearer Ring ImageFlag Bearer Ring Reghed Chief Ring ImageReghed Chief Ring
Tempus Champion Ring ImageTempus Champion Ring Shield Dwarf Ring ImageShield Dwarf Ring Fire Resistance Ring ImageFire Resistance Ring
Acid Resistance Ring ImageAcid Resistance Ring

List of Rings

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