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Dark Alliance Bangor

This is a walkthrough for Bangor's Span, Act 3 of Companions of Icewind Dale in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, locations of attribute shrines, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Bangor's Span Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest Companions of Icewind Dale
Bruenor's people have fled their home, driven out by new threats that have come to claim the Crystal Shard.

Act Information

Act No. 3
Type Mission
Preferred Gear Set Drop Hoard Raider (Bruenor)
Tundra Raptor (Drizzt)
Tundra Trapper (Wulfgar)
Tundra Explorer (Catti-brie)
Bosses Garnn and Murdunn
Optional Bosses None
Unlock Requirement Complete Halls of Duergar
The duergar we faced were but an advance force of legions on approach along Bangor's Span - the lone gateway to the Underdark. Dwarven sappers had collapsed bridges and tunnels all across their domain, but they had been unable to reach the Span. It was up to us. Destroy Bangor's Span and the duergar army would be safely stranded in the Underdark. But we would first have to face the elite force of duergar holding the Span's entry.

Bangor's Span Main Objectives

Reach Bangor's Span. Defeat Garnn and Murdunn

1 Dark Alliance Bangor
Go through each area and defeat all enemies.
Head forward from the starting point and drop down from the first ledge you see. Defeat all enemies below. Continue down a couple of more ledges until you meet the next set of enemies. Destroy some boulders to the right and pick up an explosive barrel.
2 Dark Alliance Bangor
Defeat the Stygian Raiders
Drop down on th next ledge to find the first wave of Stygian Raiders. These are pretty quick hitters similar to cultists. Upon their defeat, you will have your first available Short Rest.
3 Dark Alliance Bangor
Continue to the next area
Head to the next area and cross a bridge over a magma river and defeat the second wave of Stygian Raiders. Your second Short Rest will then be available.
4 Dark Alliance Bangor
Proceed to the next area.
Climb up the next area (take note of the wooden structure to your left) and defeat the huge beast. It'll drop an explosde barrel which you can use to open the wooden structure earlier for some minor loot.
5 Dark Alliance Bangor
Cross the next area and continue to defeat the enemies.
Head to the next area and watch your right side. There will a path there partially hidden by flames and past that is an explosive barrel. Continue on to the bridge and defeat more enemies for your third Short Rest. You can also place the explosive barrel here on the wooden structure nearby for some lore.
6 Dark Alliance Bangor
Move to the upper area and clear out the enemies
Use the lever on the next ledge to lower the platforms to access the next area. Defeat the enemies here for your fourth and final Short Rest.
7 Dark Alliance Bangor
Proceed to the next area and battle the boss.
Move towards the next area and climb the nearby elevator to confront the boss, Garnn and Murdunn.

Tips and Strategies

Dodge! Attack! Rinse! Repeat!

Dark Alliance Bangor
While the first wave of enemies here are your regular duergar, the Stygian Raiders are pretty nimble. So mastering when to dodge is crucial. This is the same for the boss later on as the duo can overwhelm you with continuous attacks.

Boss Strategy: Garnn and Murdunn


Dark Alliance Bangor
Garnn is similar to most duergar - he is a defensive specialist. He does have one weakness though - he is easy to knock down. Once his shield is downed, he will be vulnerable for a second or two and if you're fast enough you can easily chip away 10%-20% of his health.

This is easier to do if you deal with Murdunn first as he is the more annoying one of the pair and can easily knock you down.


Dark Alliance Bangor
Murdunn is a magician and he's pretty good at it. You can receive a barrage of spells and stay down for a few seconds, allowing Garnn and their minions to hit you.

The strategy with Murdunn is quick and simple - do not let him cast his spells. Inflict massive combos on him and once he falls Garnn will be much easier to defeat. However, be wary of long ranged minion attacks that may interrupt you. So attack, dodge - rinse and repeat.

How to Beat Garnn and Murdunn

Bangor's Span Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 The first chest is in the area where you have to fight the first wave of Stygian Raiders. It's located near a wall with a pile of bones around it.
2 For this chest, you need an explosive barrel to open up a cage to acquire the lever in-order to lower the platform containing the chest. The barrel is hidden beneath a rubble near your second encounter while the lever is near the area of the mechanism.
3 After defeating all of the enemies and acquiring your second short rest, destroy the debris on the left side then jump across the gap. Head up the stairs to open the chest.
4 After crossing another bridge, keep following the path to the right to get to the chest.
5 After acquiring your fourth short rest, You can break the barricade near the ballista to reveal a path to a chest. Be careful as the place is filled with spike traps and flamethrowers.
6 Just before the elevator ride towards the boss battle, there is a lever on the left side of the map. Interact with it to have a platform descend. Traverse across the platform to get to the chest.

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