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This is a guide on how to increase your Combat Power in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to learn more about Combat Power and how to increase it in this guide!

What is Combat Power?

Combat Power measures your Attributes, levels, and how well geared you and your party are. It factors these in when embarking on a mission, in which you'll be given a Party Combat Power and will let you know if you're ready to tackle a specific Challenge Rating.

It is indicated by the fist icon on the far right of your stats sheet.
Character Level Cap

How to Increase Combat Power

Increasing your Stats

Leveling up and increasing your character's stats by using Attribute points will increase the overall combat power that your party will have. You can do this by completing Acts and Optional objectives, and by increasing the mission Challenge Ratings as you continue to improve.

Attributes (Stats) Explanation

Getting Better Equipment

Gathering and equipping equipment with high tiers and rarity, and maxing out their upgrades, are great ways to increase Combat Power. You can do these by declining to use Short Rests when prompted and instead opting to increase Loot Rarity. Make sure you also explore each level for chests since these will drop gear.

List of Equipment

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