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This is a guide on how to get better loot and gear in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to learn more about gear and how to increase the chance of getting better loot in the game.

How to Farm Legendary Loot

Skip Short Rest

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All dungeons have resting areas where you can regenerate your Health, Stamina, and automatically refill all your Useable items. Skipping this short rest will give you an Increase Loot Rarity Bonus, which will increase your chance to get better loot upon completing the Act. Remember that you will lose all rarity bonuses when you take a short rest or when your entire party falls.

Keep on skipping short rests to increase the chances of getting better loot or even scoring a few legendary items! You can also get gear from large chests all over the dungeon and from defeating monsters.

How to Skip Short Rest

To skip Short Rest, ignore the campfire that will appear after defeating all the enemies in a resting point. You can also hold down the circle button on the controller once you are near the campfire to get the loot bonus.

Short Rest Guide

Challenge Rating

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You can also get better loot from playing in a higher Challenge Rating or Difficult Setting. Since a higher Challenge Rating means stronger enemies, it is recommended to invite your friends so you can grind legendary items together! Don't forget to look for large chests all over the dungeon while in a higher Challenge Level for more loot.

How to Choose Challenge Rating

Go to World Map and choose a mission. Upon choosing a mission, you'll be presented with three kinds of Acts. Choose the Challenge Level or Difficult Setting after selecting an Act.

List of Challenge Ratings
1 Adventurer
2 Hero
3 Guardian
4 Champion
5 Legend
6 Ascended

Challenge Rating Guide

Beat Named Enemies

You will encounter some enemies with names above their health bar. Named enemies are stronger versions of normal enemies and can pose a challenge, usually having more health and dealing more damage than regular enemies. Defeating these named enemies can be tough be will reward you with a guaranteed drop! You can actually farm these named enemies and get a guaranteed drop everytime. You will simply need to die and restart at a checkpoint and the named enemy should respawn for you to beat it again.

How to Get Better Gear

Getting Better Loot

Dark Alliance - Red Crystals
You can get better gear from choosing higher Difficult Settings when doing a mission and from having an Increase Loot Rarity Bonus.

Upgrading Gear

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Another way to have better gear is to upgrade it. Upgrading your gear will increase its Stats, Armor, and Attack Damage. To upgrade your gear, you'll be needing a specific amount of Gold and Upgrade Material depending on the gear's requirement.

List of Upgrade Materials
1 Common Crystal
2 Uncommon Crystal
3 Rare Crystal
4 Epic Crystal
5 Legendary Crystal

How to Upgrade Equipment

Farming Better Equipment

How to Farm Equipment
Set your current session to Offline. Select a level from the Map and play it on the highest difficulty. While you can choose any Act, it's best to pick one you know has abundant amounts of chests and loot.
Open as many chests in the Act as possible. If your level's still low, just run past enemies.
Once you reach an area that forces you to fight enemies, go to the options screen and select Return to Camp. It will say that you will lose all your loot but don't mind that.
Once you're back at camp, repeat Step 1 but make sure you select the same Act. You will still have the loot from your previous run.
Do Steps 1-4 many times as it takes before you get Epic or even Legendary equipment. Once you're done, return to camp one more time and do Step 1 again, except select the easiest difficulty.
Complete the Act. Once you've finished it, you'll go back to base with all previously acquired gold and loot will be in the rewards chest.
NOTE: As of July 8, 2021, this has not yet been patched.

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