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How long does it take to beat Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance? Learn the answer to this question in our complete game length guide.

Dark Alliance Game Length

Main Quests Only

D&D Dark Alliance Game Length
When it comes to the length of the main quests, there are a total of 21 Acts in the game.

It will take around 10-14 hours to complete one run through the game, with each act taking anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes to complete. It can take even longer if you take your time to look for the optional side objectives and collectibles. It can take around 17-20 hours to complete a run while completing side objectives.

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100% Completion

Depending on the Challange Ratings you are playing on, you'll have to do one more playthrough to reach the max level cap of 20, adding your total gameplay time to around 20-25 hours. If you are playing at the recommended CR, you can get to max level around halfway through your second playthrough, making that time cut down to 15-19 hours.

However, obtaining the best gear and abilities, and completing all the trophies will increase your total gameplay time.

Is Dark Alliance Short or Long?

D&D Dark Alliance - Is it Short or Long?

Short Co-op Game

If you're just looking for a co-op game you and your friends can complete in one or two sittings, this is definitely a game to look out for! You'll still have a fun experience doing one run through the game, and won't miss anything vital in the endgame content.

While fully completing the game by maxing everything out will certainly increase your gameplay time, it's not to a degree that it turns into an endless grindfest. If you want to complete it quickly, choosing the CR lower than recommended can make the game time even shorter if you wish.

It's fair to say that Dark Alliance is short, especially when compared to other RPGs. However, the game's length will also depend on how much you'll want to put into it.

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