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This is a walkthrough for The Face of Kelvin, Act 3 of The Mask of Kelvin in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, tips for completion, locations of attribute shrines, as well as boss fight strategies!

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The Face of Kelvin Basic Information

Quest Information

Quest The Mask of Kelvin
A frost giant named Utaar is attempting to break into Kelvin's Tomb and recover an artifiact that he believes will help him find and claim the Crystal Shard.

Act Information

Act No. 3
Type Dungeon
Preferred Gear Set Drop Flag Bearer (Wulfgar)
Remorhaz Brotherhood (Drizzt)
Barbarian Diplomat (Catti-brie)
Battlehammer King (Bruenor)
Bosses Kelvin
Optional Bosses None
Unlock Requirement Complete The Broken City
None could say what damage Kelvin's spirit would do if it was unleashed upon the Dale. And so we delved into Kelvin's Tomb ourselves, seeking out Utaar so that we could put a sto to this madness. But none of us were prepared for what we found there waiting in the dark. Who knew the call of the Shard was so strong.

The Face of Kelvin Main Objectives

Traverse the broken bridge

1 Dark Alliance The Face of Kelvin 01
Head to the edge of the area and jump down a moving platform. Defeat the enemies there. Head left to find some more ruins and more enemies. Once done, head to the portal at the edge of map.

Pass through Kelvin's Plaza

1 Dark Alliance The Face of Kelvin 02
Defeat the enemies here and just follow the objective marker to some stairs. Beat the enemies at the top of the stairs. Head to the edge and use the portal.

Traverse the floating island

Battle the enemies here. Once defeated, climb the nearby ledge and a ladder nearby. Circle around to find the portal to the next area.

Reach the entrance to the Tomb of Kelvin

Battle through more enemies as you follow the objective marker. At the last area, use the portal to get to the Tomb of Kelvin.

Defeat Druunr, Jarl of the Frostfields

1 Dark Alliance The Face of Kelvin 03
As soon as you arrive from the portal, you will find more goblins and verbeeg to defeat. Use the portal at the end to reach the last area. Instantly, you will notice a giant at the edge of the area. This is a bit of a mini-boss but essentially is like your regular giant. Defeat him.

Take the elevator to Kelvin's Sarcophagus

After downing the giant, head inside to locate an elevator. Ride it up to the last area of this stage.

Defeat the Spirit of Kelvin

1 Dark Alliance The Face of Kelvin 04
Battle Kelvin, taking care with its upgraded giant attacks as well as newer attacks like random ice pillars coming out of the ground. Defeat him to finish the mission.

Tips and Strategies

Use Short Rests Often

Dark Alliance The Face of Kelvin 05
Normally, skipping Short Rests are good to have better quality equipment. However, this stage has very few chests that give out equipment.

So, it may be in your best interests to use Short Rests often especially if you are going solo. A lot of enemies here are hard to kill so keeping up your health as well as your consumables is very ideal.

Boss Strategy: Kelvin

Powered Up Giant

Dark Alliance The Face of Kelvin 06
While he is the boss of the this stage, he isn't exactly that hard to defeat. He just really packs a punch as some of his hits take more than 50% of your health. It's just a matter of being careful on your hits especially if you're using close ranged hitters.

Dodge his attacks which are pretty slow and predictable, then, counter for a few hits then back away. This boss battle is longer than it is difficult unless you're over-levelled at this point and have amazing equipment.

The Face of Kelvin Chest Locations

Location Directions
1 Located in-front of a giant skeleton, behind some objects in the first encounter.
2 Located just before crossing the broken bridge. Solve the puzzle by stepping on the rune floor to open it.
3 Located after crossing the broken bridge. There is a ledge you can jump off to a platform. There is a locked jail cell that you need to open using an explosive barrel you find near its area.
4 Located right before the floating island, there is a ledge you can jump off from to the right of the portal. Step on the runes on each platform to disable the force field that surrounds the chest.
5 Located in the floating island. You can disable the force field by collecting two Netherese Keystone scattered in the island.
6 Located in the floating island, inside a cell. You will need to use an explosive barrel to open it.
7 Located inside the structure, across the icy field and near the edge just before the entrance to Tomb of Kelvin.

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