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This is a guide on how to pre-order the game D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to find out the steps to pre-order the game and what bonuses come with it!

How To Pre-Order The Game

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The game will be officially released on June 22, 2021 but you can already pre-order the game. The following shows you how to pre-order your game depending on your platform.

Are There Pre-Order Bonuses?

Depending on the copy of D&D: Dark Alliance that you pre-order, you will also receive some neat bonuses as well such as the Beholder Weapon Set and the Lich Weapon Set.

Check out our Game Editions page to know about their rewards:
Game Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses


For those using consoles (Playstation and Xbox), you can easily access your respective online game stores through your consoles or through their respective websites.

How to Pre-order
1 Dark Alliance Console 01 (edited).pngAccess your PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store in your respective consoles.
2 Search 'Dark Alliance'.
3 Choose the edition you wish to buy.
4 Dark Alliance Console 02.pngProceed to pay for the game and wait for the release date to download the game.


For PC, all you need to do is to access your Steam app and search for the game to begin the pre-order.

How to Pre-Order
1 Dark Alliance Steam 01.pngAccess the Steam app or go to their website and search for 'Dark Alliance'.
2 Choose the edition you wish to buy.
3 Proceed to pay for the game and wait for the release date to download the game.

Retail Stores

For those wishing to buy a physical copy of the game, access your nearest game store to pre-order the game. You can even get the Steelbook Edition of the game which carries with it some nifty bonuses.

D&D: Dark Alliance Website

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Alternatively, you can access the Dark Alliance website to pre-order the game. They also included a way to pre-order the limited time Steelbook Edition of the game which is available only for the physical copy of the game.

D&D: Dark Alliance Official Website

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