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Dark Alliance Useables

This is a guide for the Useables (Items) in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn how to use Useables in battle, the effects of each Useable, how to upgrade them, and more!

What are Useables?

Combat Consumables

Combat consumables

Useables are items that you can use to aid you during combat. Like the usual consumables in other games, different Useables have different effects like healing, restoring stamina, and even give temporary buffs.

You'll only have the Health Potion at the start but you can purchase more types of Useables from the Merchant. Once you get more than 4 types of Usables, you can go to the Equip tab in the character menu to select up to 4 Useables that you want to bring to the dungeons.

Merchant Guide

Can Be Upgraded

Upgrade Useables.jpg

Give the Merchant a visit if you want to increase the potency of your Useables. Each Useable can be upgraded up to level 5 and will cost an increasing amount of gold per upgrade.

Gold Farming Guide: How to Farm Gold

Replenishing Supplies

Useables from small chests.jpg

During an Act, you can replenish your supply of Useables by looking for small chests. Take note that, along with some pieces of gold, a small chest may also contain at least 1 of any Useable you have equipped, even if it's at full capacity. This means that if you only have Health Potions and Stamina Potions with you, you'll only get either of the potions from small chests.

Each character has Feats related to Useables that you can spend points on so you won't need to worry much about your reserve.

Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Scavenger
Increase Useable drops by 1 1
Dark Alliance Pack Rat
Pack Rat
Increase Useable capacity by 1 10

List of Useables

Health Potion

Useable Description
Health Potion ImageHealth Potion Restores Hit Points


Level Effect Cost
1 50% Hit Points - Gold
2 60% Hit Points 2000 Gold
3 70% Hit Points 3000 Gold
4 80% Hit Points 4500 Gold
5 90% Hit Points 6800 Gold

Stamina Potion

Useable Description
Stamina Potion ImageStamina Potion Restores Stamina


Level Effect Cost
1 10% Stamina 750 Gold
2 20% Stamina 1100 Gold
3 30% Stamina 1700 Gold
4 40% Stamina 2600 Gold
5 50% Stamina 3900 Gold

Potion of Heroism

Useable Description
Potion of Heroism ImagePotion of Heroism Restores Ultimate Meter


Level Effect Cost
1 15% of Ultimate Meter 1500 Gold
2 30% of Ultimate Meter 2300 Gold
3 45% of Ultimate Meter 3500 Gold
4 60% of Ultimate Meter 5300 Gold
5 75% of Ultimate Meter 8000 Gold

Alchemist Fire

Useable Description
Alchemist Fire ImageAlchemist Fire Deals Physical Damage in a small area


Level Effect Cost
1 150% Physical Damage 1500 Gold
2 175% Physical Damage 2300 Gold
3 200% Physical Damage 3500 Gold
4 225% Physical Damage 5300 Gold
5 250% Physical Damage 8000 Gold

Elixir of Cleansing

Useable Description
Elixir of Cleansing ImageElixir of Cleansing Removes Debuffs and temporarily grants Unstoppable buff


Level Effect Cost
1 10s duration 1000 Gold
2 20s duration 1500 Gold
3 30s duration 2300 Gold
4 40s duration 3500 Gold
5 50s duration 5300 Gold

Elixir of Resistance

Useable Description
Elixir of Resistance ImageElixir of Resistance Temporarily grants 50% Physical Damage Resistance


Level Effect Cost
1 15s duration 1000 Gold
2 30s duration 1500 Gold
3 45s duration 2300 Gold
4 60s duration 3500 Gold
5 75s duration 5300 Gold

Elixir of Elemental Resistance

Useable Description
Elixir of Elemental Resistance ImageElixir of Elemental Resistance Temporarily grants 50% Elemental Damage Resistance


Level Effect Cost
1 15s duration 750 Gold
2 30s duration 1100 Gold
3 45s duration 1700 Gold
4 60s duration 2600 Gold
5 75s duration 3900 Gold

Elixir of Concentration

Useable Description
Elixir of Concentration ImageElixir of Concentration Grants Ability Cooldown Reduction for 30 seconds


Level Effect Cost
1 10% Ability Cooldown Reduction 1500 Gold
2 20% Ability Cooldown Reduction 2300 Gold
3 30% Ability Cooldown Reduction 3500 Gold
4 40% Ability Cooldown Reduction 5300 Gold
5 50% Ability Cooldown Reduction 8000 Gold

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