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Dark Alliance How to beat Akar Kessell

This is a strategy guide for beating Akar Kessell, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Akar Kessell's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Akar Kessell Battle Overview

Akar Kessell
Dark Alliance - Akar Kessell
Quest The Order of the Light
Act Return of the Tyrant
Akar Kessell was a young man with no talent, no skills, and an entitled personality that endeared him to no one. After killing his mentor, the only many who'd ever given him a chance, Kessell stumbled upon and claimed the Crystal Shard. Or did it claim him?
Drunk with power, Kessell used the artifact to launch a war on Icewind Dale, but thanks to the efforts of the Companions, he was defeated. Kessell and the Shard disappeared under an avalanche. The Shard was lost and Kessell presumed dead. But then a cult of mages who worship the shard, the Order of the One Light, found and resurrected a way. They turned him into an undead being possessing immense magical powers he never could master in life. And in this new state of being, bitter and resentful, and still retaining all the pettiness he had in life, he attempted to regain his former glory.
But once again, the Companions stood in his way. Kessell was defeated once again, and hopefully, for the last time.

Akar Kessell is a Cultist who can cast a variety of lethal spells from any range. He must be defeated five times because he has the ability to resurrect.

Akar Kessell Attacks and Abilities


Dark Alliance Akar Teleport
Akar Kessell will teleport to an area. You'll get immediately attacked if he teleports behind you so be aware as to when he's using this ability. A blue circle will form around him when he's casting this.

Poison Cloud

Dark Alliance Akar Poison Cloud
Akar Kessell creates a cloud of poison that will follow you around. Keep evading this cloud until it dissipates.

Spell Blast

Dark Alliance Akar Kessell Spell Blast
Akar Kessell fires a spell at you. You'll see him start to cast this so prepare to dodge to the side.

Rapid Fire Lasers

Dark Alliance Akar Rapid Fire Lasers
Akar Kessell quickly fires a multitude of lasers at you. Keep moving sidewards until he's done casting.

Hand of God

Dark Alliance Akar Hand of God
Akar Kessell conjures a hand that slams down on a targeted area. The area will be indicated by circular markings so just avoid those spots.

Meteor Storm

Dark Alliance Akar Meteor Storm
Akar Kessell calls down a flurry of meteors from above that smash down on random areas. The targeted areas will be indicated by circular markings, so continue dodging away from these spots until there are no more meteors.

Blast Zone

Dark Alliance Kessel Blast Zone
Akar Kessell creates an orb that increases in size, eventually enveloping a whole area. Those caught in this zone are damaged when it explodes. Keep moving backwards and get out of the area to avoid this.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Akar Kessell

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkConstant Combos

CheckmarkStay On The Move

CheckmarkWait Until He's Exhausted

Constant Combos

Dark Alliance Endless Combos Akar
Akar Kessell can be locked down by constantly using combos or abilities on him, stopping him from using any spells. Remember to go back to the center of the combat area when you defeat him since that's where he'll spawn. Unleash your attacks as soon as he does.

Stay On The Move

Dark Alliance Akar stay on the move
Due to Akar Kessell's number of spells, it might be difficult to remember what he's about to cast when he's in an animation. To be safe, make you're constantly evading and sidestepping him so that it's difficult for him to hit you with anything.

Wait Until He's Exhausted

Dark Alliance Akar Exhausted
Like other bosses, if Akar Kessell casts a lot of spells, he'll eventually be Exhausted. At that point, try to attack him from behind since that gives a critical hit.

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