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This is a strategy guide for beating Hagedorn, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Hagedorn's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Hagedorn Battle Overview

Dark Alliance - Hagedorn
Quest Crystalline Dreams
Act A Crystal Crown
From deep within his secret lair, Hagedorn heard a faint ancient voice call to him. The voice beckoned, pleading to pledge its ancient god-like powers to any unimaginable goals the beholder dreamed.
With his crippling paranoia suppressed by his ravenous hunger to wield such power, Hagedorn followed the shard's instructions to Icewind Dale. But when he arrived, he found only chaos and no Shard. His ego was greatly insulted that Crenshinibon did not immediately reveal itself to him, the Shard's chosen one, so he retreated to the Kelvin's catacombs with a new purpose. With plenty of miserable duergar scrambling around, an isolated squad were easily subjugated by the threat of his legendarily deadly eyestalks. His new minions were ordered to mine Kelvin's ancient city of its chardalyn crystals and harvest the crystal remnant remains from his Crystal Towers. Hagedorn then used his dark magic to craft crystalline antennae that would focus the power of his dreams. And it was working. A Crystal Shard was indeed manifesting.
But before the device was completed, before Hagedorn could begin his reign of domination, the Companions defeated the beholder and Hagedorn slipped away into his own dream.

Hagedorn is a unique boss, that has no other monsters like it in the game. It is a Beholder that can have both close-range and long-range attacks. As a Beholder, it has powerful magic attacks that can make this battle a tough fight.

Hagedorn Attacks and Abilities

Chomp Charge

Hagedorn charges at you and takes a bite. It can bite multiple times in a row, dealing heavy damage to each bite. This attack can be parried and will give you an opening.

Teleport Tackle

Teleport tackle.jpg
Hegadorn enters a portal at its feet and reappears near you, dealing damage upon exiting the portal. This is attack is telegraphed by a circle that appears below it. Every time it enters its portal, expect it to come out where you are and start dodging out of the way.

Energy Wave

Energy Wave.jpg
Hagedorn fires a wave of energy from its mouth forward. This attack does not deal a lot of damage but will push you back.

Eye Laser Beam

Eye Beam.jpg
Hagedorn fires a beam of energy from its eyes three times in a row. It deals a lot of damage and can kill you in 2-3 hits.

Energy Ring Blast

Surrounding blast.jpg
Hagedorn surrounds itself with a ring that fires energy balls all around it. Each ball does not deal too much damage but adds up to how many energy balls there are.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning Strikes.jpg
Hagedorn channels multiple lightning strikes all around the arena. This attack seems to be fire everywhere randomly, but with how much lightning there is, the player will likely be hit if standing still. Hagedorn is invulnerable while channeling this attack.

Ring of Death

Hagedorn instakill  .jpg
A large circle appears around Hagedorn, and after a short time, Hagedorn fills the circle with dark energy. This is one of Hagedorn's toughest attacks to avoid. This attack can instantly kill you at full health if you are caught inside. Running out of the circle when it first appears is your best bet of avoiding the damage.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Hagedorn

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkParry the Bite

CheckmarkWait for Hagedorn to Exhaust

CheckmarkKnow when to Close or Gain Distance

Parry the Bite

Parry Bite.jpg
Hagedorn's bite is one of the only attacks it has that the player can parry. Parrying this attack will give an opening to the player to attack. Even if you fail the parry, blocking the attack is still effective.

Wait for Hagedorn to Exhaust

Hagedorn Exhausted.jpg
After performing several attacks, Hagedorn will exhaust itself and will become vulnerable. This is the best time to get ready for your best attacks. If you can't find an opening to attack or pull of your stronger attacks, keep dodging Hagedorn's attacks until it turns yellow.

Know when to Close or Gain Distance

Keep Distance
Each of Hagedorn's attacks has a distance that will make avoiding that attack easier to avoid or counter. The Eye Laser and Ring of Death attacks are the best examples. The Eye Laser attack is much easier to dodge when up close to Hagedorn, while the Ring of Death requires you to be out of its range quickly.

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