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This is a guide on how to get attribute and feat points in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to learn what are attributes and feats, as well as how to allocate points.

How to Get Attributes

Level Up Your Character

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Attributes are the stats or traits of your character. There are 6 attributes in D&D: Dark Alliance that you can edit or improve.

Attributes Definition
Strength The ability score determines physical power and aptitude. Strength imparts a bonus to a character's physical damage and provides an armor buff.
Dexterity The ability score mesures one's agility and balance. As Dexterity increases, so too does a character's critical chance and critical damage.
Constitution This ability measures all forms of one's durability. Constitution increases a character's Stamina and Stamina Regeneration, as well as boosting Hit Points.
Intelligence This ability score is a reflection of a character's knowledge. Intelligence provides a boost of Elemental Damage, Condition Penetration, and reduces cooldown timers.
Wisdom This ability score affects common sense and intuition. Wisdom provides a resistance boost to Elemental Damage and Condition Resistance.
Charisma This ability score measures personability and one's social presence. Charisma increases the charge rate of a character's Ultimate and increases their Proximity radius.

To get attributes and improve your character's stats, you need to level up your character. Each time your character levels up, you gain an Attribute Point in return.

Attributes (Stats) Explanation

How to Level Up Your Character

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Your character will gain experience every time you complete a mission. Once you fill the experience bar or reached the experience points needed per level, your character will level up and earn an Attribute and Feat Point.

Character Level Cap and How to Reach the Max Level

Find the Attribute Shrines

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Each dungeon has hidden shrine where you can get Attribute Points. Explore every location inside the dungeon to find the hidden shrine and defeat the monsters in the area to get the Attribute Points.

All Attribute Shrine Locations

How to Get Feat Points

Level Up Your Character

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Feats are passive skills that will help increase your character's total combat power. There are three Feat category that you can improve: Cunning, The Archer and Longstrider.

Unlock each Feat by using Feat Points, which you can get also from leveling up your character. Each time your character levels up, you'll receive a Feat Point. Keep leveling up your character by completing missions to gain more.

List of Feats and Moves

How to Allocate Attribute and Feat Points

Manage Your Character

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To allocate points to attributes and feats, press the touchpad on the controller to open the character manager. On this page, you'll be able to manage your character's Attributes, Equipment, Moves, Feats, and view your Journal.


For attributes, select the stats you want to improve and press the Up Button to add attribute points. After adding points, save the changes made in each stat by holding down the Circle Button.


For Feats, select the category you want and press the Circle Button. Then, choose which feat you want to improve and unlock it by holding down the Circle Button.

Can You Respec Attribute Points?

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