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This is a guide on Condition Penetration and Resistance in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to learn more about how Condition effects work and how they affect combat.

All Conditions

Conditions are Status Effects that can significantly affect the way you do combat, such as by immobilizing you, or support you through equipment and abilities.

Status Effect Description
Blinded Attacks will miss.
Confused Character movements are reversed.
Ethereal We will update this with more info soon!
Exhausted Fully depleted Stamina. Character cannot move.
Grappled Character is stuck in a trap.
Taunted Taunted enemies will focus one character.
Frozen Effect of Cold Damage. Character cannot move.
Invisible Enemies will not see Invisible characters.
Warmth Prevents Cold Damage.

All Status Effects

Condition Penetration

A piece from the Do'Urden Prince set

This affects your character's ability and chance to deal Condition damage to enemies. Enemies can be affected by the Status Effects above, such as Taunted and Frozen. This will aid you in battle and get you out of tough situations.

Increasing this also increases your Damage stat.

How to Increase Condition Penetration

To increase your this, wear pieces of equipment that give bonus Condition Penetration percentage. An example would be Drizzt's Do'Urden Prince set.

You can also put points into your Intelligence Attribute to increase this.

How to Increase Attributes

Conditional Resistance

A piece from the Captive of the Abyss set

This affects your character's ability to withstand damage or stuns from Condition Status Effects. This will make it easier to get out of Grapples, and will give you a higher tolerance against effects such as being Frozen.

Increasing this also increases your Defense stat.

How to Increase Conditional Resistance

Similar to Condition Penetration, wear sets of equipment that give bonus Condition Resistance. An example would be Wulfgar's Captive of the Abyss set. Keep in mind you'll have to fulfill the set bonuses to get this buff.

You can also put points into your Wisdom Attribute to increase your this.

Finally, you can obtain the following Feats to help with Condition Resistance:


Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Dwarven Fortitude
Dwarven Fortitude
20% Condition Resistance Bonus 5


Feat Desc Min. Level
Dark Alliance Steel Will
Steel Will
10% Condition Resistance Bonus 5

List of Feats

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