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This is a guide on how to find the best controls and game settings setup in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. To learn more about which settings to tweak to enchance your gameplay, read on.

General Settings


You can turn off a number of pop-up icons or displays to increase screen visiblity.


It is recommended to turn off Camera Shake as it will distract you during combat. The default Rotation Speeds may also be too slow during combat so you can increase these according to your discretion.


It might help you to change your subtitle background if you feel you're having a hard time reading the subtitles.


Turning off or changing the subtitle opacity might help with minimizing the amount of UI in your screen, increasing visibility.

PS4 / PS5 Controller Setup

There are two control presets available. The only significant difference between the two is in the combat controls.

Preset 1

If you prefer using the triggers for Attacks, use this preset.

Combat Controls

Action Button
Aim L2.png
Block / Parry L1.png
Fierce Attack R2.png
Light Attack R1.png
Interact Square button.png
Ability Triangle button.png
Activate Ultimate
Press L stick.png+R stick.png

Preset 2

If you prefer using the face buttons for Attacks, use this preset.

Combat Controls

Action Button
Aim L2.png
Block / Parry L1.png
Fierce Attack Triangle button.png
Light Attack Square button.png
Interact R1.png
Ability R2.png
Activate Ultimate
Press L stick.png+R stick.png

Both Presets

Action Button
Movement L stick.png
Toggle Run
Press L stick.png
Rotate Camera R stick.png
Toggle Lock-On
Press R stick.png
Evade O button.png
Jump X button.png
Usable 1 Dpad up.png
Usable 2 Dpad right.png
Usable 3 Dpad left.png
Usable 4 Dpad down.png

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Processor: AMD FX 8320 / Intel Core i5-6600K @ 3.5GHz 3.6GHz AMD Ryzen 5 3600 / Intel Core i5-9600K @ 3.7GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM 16 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 360 / NVIDIA GTX 750 ti AMD RX Vega 56 / NVIDIA GTX 1660 ti
Storage: 50 GB available space 50 GB available space

Recommended and Minimum Specs

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