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Dark Alliance List of Enemies
This is a list of all the enemies found in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know more about the enemies that are found in the game!

List of Enemies

Normal Enemies

List of Enemies
Cultists ImageCultists Duergar ImageDuergar Frost Giant ImageFrost Giant
Gnoll ImageGnoll Goat Tribe Stygian Raider ImageGoat Tribe Stygian Raider Goblin Archer ImageGoblin Archer
Goblin Boohayg ImageGoblin Boohayg Goblin Captain ImageGoblin Captain Goblin Defender ImageGoblin Defender
Goblin Warrior ImageGoblin Warrior Troll ImageTroll Verbeeg ImageVerbeeg
Wraith ImageWraith

List of Bosses

Garnn and Murdunn

Garnn and Murdunn
Garnn and Murdunn Image
These two brothers held the entry to Bangor's span, part of an advance force of duergar meant to secure their foothold in the Dale while their armies marched in from the Underdark.
Quest Act
Companions of Icewind Dale Bangor's Span

How to Beat Garnn and Murdunn

Emperor Hamboog

Emperor Hamboog
Emperor Hamboog Image
This goblin, Hamboog, claimed he'd recovered the Shard and declared himself the goblin emperor. It was all a sham but for some booyahg magic.
Quest Act
The Goblin's Shard The Goblin Tower

How to Beat Emperor Hamboog

The Chef

The Chef
The Chef Image
The chef was revered among his verbeeg kin - a master cook who treated dwarves as if they were shellfish. The stew he made was an abomination.
Quest Act
Verbeeg Jamboree A Feast for All Cretins

How to Beat The Chef

Akar Kessell

Akar Kessell
Akar Kessell Image
Those who worship Crenshinibon like a god are troubled souls, manipulated by the Shard to do its perceived bidding. Their twisted belief system is barely understandable, but their fanaticism will always make them a threat.
Quest Act
The Order of the Light Return of the Tyrant

How to Beat Akar Kessell


Kelvin Image
Utaar hoped the Mask of Kelvin would help prove himself worthy to the Shard. But the mask he found was of a very different kind.
Quest Act
The Mask of Kelvin The Face of Kelvin

How to Beat Kelvin


Hagedorn Image
In their paranoid dreams, beholders dream up the existence of other beholder rivals and those rivals manifest. Hagedorn tried to harness that power to manifest himself his own Crystal Shard.
Quest Act
Crystalline Dreams A Crystal Crown

How to Beat Hagedorn


Icewind Image
Icewind came to avenge the death of her mate, Icingdeath, at our hands. Who knew the strength of love could pierce the frigid hearts of white dragons?
Quest Act
The Fury of Icewind A Tomb of Ice

How to Beat Icewind


Companions of Icewind Dale
Act 1 Greags the Ear-lopper and Ploobo Bonesucker
Act 2 Stonegrinder
The Goblin's Shard
Act 1 Slugvogg
Act 2 Vrogulb Frostgrip, Icebiter, and Nelgland The Slurper
Verbeeg Jamboree
Act 1 Gutnir Widebelly
Act 2 Thurn Dreamreader
The Order of the Light
Act 1 Skornn Soulreaver
Act 2 Kronus Seven Scars
The Mask of Kelvin
Act 1 The Husk of Torult Dragonbane
Act 2 Kvorn the Gatekeeper
Crystalline Dreams
Act 1 Arim the Bonescribe
Act 2 Fenji Coldeye
The Fury of Icewind
Act 1 Narf Twelvefingers
Act 2 Bjorn, The Hewer of the Judged

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