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This is a guide on how to preload the game D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know if preloading is possible for the game and the steps on how to do it.

Will Preload be Available?


Preloading is expected to be available for players starting June 20th. Given its relatively big size (50 GB), it's wise to take advantage of preloading in order to play the game on the date it is released.

Of course, preloading only works if you pre-ordered the game! Check out our guide below on how to pre-order the game.
Pre-Order Guide | Are There Pre-Order Bonuses?

How to Preload D&D: Dark Alliance

PC Preload

Once you pre-ordered the game on Steam, search the game and check beneath the game icon to see if the Install button is there. If it is, then, the game is already available for preload!

Console Preload

For those playing on PS4 or PS5, check your library and select the Purchased tab. Select D&D: Dark Alliance and if the Download button appears below it, then, the game is already available for preloading.

For those playing on Xbox, check the My games and app tab and select Games. Find D&D: Dark Alliance and select it and then go to the Manage installation on Internal. If the preload is available, you will be able to check the option will install. Save changes and you're ready for preload!

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