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This is a guide to upgrading equipment in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know about the upgrading system of the game and how it works!

Equipment Upgrade Overview

Each character in D&D: Dark Alliance has their own set of equipment. The equipment tiers can range from Common to Legendary. But, of course, the higher the rarity, the more difficult it is to come by.

Thankfully, the game has an upgrade system that allows you to improve your equipment to aid you on your journey.

List of Equipment

How to Upgrade Equipment

Dark Alliance Merchant
The only way to upgrade equipment in the game is through the merchant you find at your base camp. You'll need a combination of Gold and Crystals to upgrade equipment.

Each piece of equipment has three upgrade levels. While you can max that out, you can't upgrade equipment beyond its tier. This means Common gear will stay Common, Epic gear will stay Epic, and so on.

This also means that you can only use the Crystal corresponding to the item to upgrade it. For example, you must use Common Crystals for Common gear, and so on.

Remember that you cannot change equipment during missions, so make sure you've done your necessary upgrades before doing one.

Crystal Farming Guide: How to Farm and Uses

How to Acquire Materials

Red Crystals you can find during missions

Before anything, make sure you have the necessary materials for upgrades. You can get Gold and Crystals during missions by completing objectives and finding them in the levels. They can be found in chests and Red Crystals scattered around the area.

Upgrade Proccess

In the merchant menu, you'll see four tabs to choose from - Manage Equipment, Skins, Upgrade Material, and Upgrade Useable.

Manage Equipment

This is where the items themselves are upgraded. Prior to upgrading an item, you are given a preview of the stat and buff increases that will occur upon upgrade. You can also choose to sell unused gear.


As the name implies, this a purely cosmetic change. It will not affect the item's stats or buffs.

Upgrade Material

This is where you can upgrade or downgrade Crystals. For example, if you have an abundance of Common Crystals and need Rare Crystals to upgrade an item, you can use gold to transform them. The same process applies for downgrading Crystals, for example from Legendary down to Epic.

Upgrade Useable

This is where you obtain new potions and upgrade the bonuses you get from them.

Merchant Guide

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