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This is a strategy guide for beating Fenji Coldeye, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Fenji Coldeye's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Fenji Coldeye Battle Overview

Fenji Coldeye
Dark Alliance - Fenji Coldeye
Quest Crystalline Dreams
Act Crystal Harvest

Fenji Coldeye will have the same attack patterns and behavior as other Frost Giants that you have come across, but will be stronger and will have a tough posse surrounding him.

Fenji Coldeye Attacks and Abilities

Axe Charge

Axe Charge.jpg
Fenji puts his ax on the ground in front of him and charges forward with it. After stopping he slams his ax down. The attack does not have much damage on the initial charge but will deal massive damage when he slams his ax. Once you see him get ready to charge, you will want to get ready to get out of the way. Once he passes you by after dodging the charge, stay away and wait for him to slam his ax before getting close.

Axe Smash

Axe Ice smash.jpg
Fenji lifts his ax and slams it into the ground it exploding with the power of frost. This attack will deal both physical and frost damage and can be pretty powerful. This attack can one-shot you if you are playing at a higher CR than recommended. When you see him raise his ax, that's your cue to get some distance between you and him.

Axe Swing

Axe Swing.jpg
Fenji swings his ax across in front of him. After the first swing, a wave of frost blasts in front of him. This is another deadly attack of Fenji. The first swing does not deal that much damage but puts you into a hit stun that will make it impossible to avoid the blast of frost that will probably kill you. Another attack with a long wind-up time. Make sure to avoid the swing and you will be able to avoid the frost damage too.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Fenji Coldeye

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkTake Out the Mobs

CheckmarkKeep an Eye on His attacks

CheckmarkTry to Stay Behind Him

Take Out the Mobs

Deal with posse.jpg
Taking out the small fries around Fenji is recommended to make it easier to focus on taking him out. Leaving them alone can make it difficult as you will have to be avoiding too many attacks while trying to deal damage to Fenji.

Keep an Eye on His attacks

long wind up time.jpg
All of Fenji's attacks have long wind-up animations that are easy to spot. These animations are slow and telegraph when you need to gain some distance. This is the key to avoiding his deadly attacks that can one-shot you.

Try to Stay Behind Him

Get behind.jpg
His back is the best spot to attack from. Most of Fenji's attacks deal damage in front of him. Staying behind will allow you to deal damage while avoiding most of his attacks. If you want to stay on the offense as long as you can, try and hit him from behind.

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