Is There Endgame Content? | What to Do after Beating Icewind | Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

Is There Endgame Content
This is a guide on the endgame of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on the PS4. Read on if there is endgame content and what to do after beating the game!

Is There Endgame Content?

There is No Unlocked Content

All Dungeons
Unfortunately, after beating Icewind in the final dungeon of the game, you are not greeted with any notifications of any post-game content unlocked. No new mode or new difficulty, completing the game only rewards you with the cutscene and the fact that you have completed all the dungeons.
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Watch the Credits and Post-Credit Cutscene

After completing the game you will be able to check the Credits in the Main Menu! You can find all the names that worked on the game. After the credits are done you are treated with a post-credit cutscene showing Levistus, with him saying "Soon.", hinting to a future DLC featuring Levistus.
Is There DLC?

What to Do in Endgame

Grind For Better Gear

Dark Alliance Equipment
After beating the game, you can go back and replay the dungeons and grind for the best gear possible! Completing all the equipment sets with the highest rarity possible is a great goal to go for after completing the game. See how powerful you can become!
List of Equipment

Get to Max Level

Get Max LEvel
If you play each dungeon only once until you complete it, you will not be able to reach the max level through a single playthrough. While grinding for the best gear, you can also grind exp and reach the max level and unlock your character's maximum potential!

Character Level Cap and How to Reach the Max Level

Find and Collect all the Collectibles

Another goal to try and go for is to find every collectible in the game. This can be one of the toughest tasks to complete as there are a ton of these collectibles to find. They can also be tough to spot in-game, with only a shine to highlight them. One of the rewards of finding these collectibles is more lore and story that you can find in the Journal.

Complete All Trophies

Dark Alliance_20210623012711
Trying to complete all the trophies is a classic goal for Playstation players. These trophies can range from having Legendary items equipped in all slots to defeating 2000 monsters. Every trophy is an achievement you can show off to your friends!

PSN Trophy List and Guide

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