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This guide is all about performing a Team Attack in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know more how to Perform Team Attacks for each characters.

What is a Team Attack

Team Attack lets your party perform a special move that deals a lot of damage to your opponents. It only triggers if a certain condition is met.

Take note as Team Attack is only available during Co-op play.

How to Perform a Team Attack

Dark Alliance - Drizzt Team Attack
Performing a Team Attack requires the player to either parry an enemy attack or if the condition are met to do so for each characters.

Parrying attacks

Parrying an enemy attack will let your party perform a Team Attack, regardless of which character you are using. This is the easiest and most consistent way to trigger a Team Attack if you are not using Catti-Brie.

How to Parry

How to Trigger per Character

Drizzt Do'Urden

Dark Alliance - How to Trigger Drizzt
Performing a backstab triggers the Team Attack for the party. This could easily be done by using Drizzt's blink and then moving behind enemie or if you use your dash into a light attack to prompt the backstab execution.


Dark Alliance - How to Trigger Cattie
Killing a monster using an aimed arrow shot will let your party perform a Team Attack. Make sure you communicate with your party so they allow you to last hit the enemies.


Dark Alliance - How to Trigger Wulfgar
Performing a Empowered Strike triggers the Team Attack for the party. Be mindful as using Empowered Strike uses your Ultimate Gauge. Always consider if you want to use it to trigger a Team Attack or to save it up for your ultimate.

Bruenor Battlehammer

Dark Alliance - How to Trigger Bruenor
Doing an Exhausted Execute triggers a Team Attack for the party. Use Bruenor's Blocking Crusher, to deplete your enemy's stamina to allow you to perform an Exhausted Execution.

How to Perform Executions

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