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This is a guide about Wraith, an enemy unit in D&D: Dark Alliance. Read on to know more about them and where they are commonly found in the game.

Wraith Overview

Dark Alliance - Wraith
Type Enemy
When a dying creature has led a life of corruption and dishonor, the dark energy of their existence can coalesce and manifest their soul as an incorporeal, malicious wraith. When they rise from the site of their demise, they remember little of their life or their misdeeds, yet they are embodiments of the essence of their past life's pain, hatred and rage and they are compelled to annihilate the living.
Icewind Dale has experienced a terrifying surge in the population of these screeching, hissing phantoms. Although wraiths can be found throughout the hills and woods of the Dale, the dense forest of Brynwood has emerged as the epicenter of the recent activity. Questions abound as to why the wraiths have spontaneously surfaced. Could it be related to the collapse of Akar Kessell's Crystal Towers?
When the towers shattered, their toxic fragments showered the region and how any necrotic energies might have leached into the landscape is unknown. Or perhaps the call of the Shard has simply awakened ancient spirits that have been here all along.

Where to Find Wraith

Where to Find
The Mask of Kelvin:
Ghosts of the Past
The Fury of Icewind:
The Hunting Grounds
The Fury of Icewind:
The Hall of Judgment

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