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is local co-op split-screen available
This is a page on the availability of the local co-op feature in the game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on the PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Read on to find out if a split-screen local co-op feature is available and when the feature will be available!

Is Local Co-op (Split-Screen Co-op) Available?

Not at the Moment

Is there a Local Co-Op in Dark Alliance
Split-screen local Co-op is a feature that was not available during the release of Dark Alliance. But, the good news is that the developers have heard the people begging for it and have been working on adding it into the game after release with the first free DLC! You can finally slay those pesky goblins together in one room!

Online Co-op is Available

Online Co-Op is Available on Dark Alliance
Even if split-screen co-op is not available, you can still play co-op with friends with the online co-op feature. You can even play cross gen with older consoles being able to play with the newer ones.
Multiplayer Guide (Co-op)

When is Local Co-op Coming?

Coming with the Next Free DLC

Split Screen Local Co-Op is coming this Summer 2021
Dark Alliance's first free DLC is coming this summer. And with this free DLC, the developers have stated that they will be adding local co-op to the game! The DLC will include a new story mission with three levels and a whole lot of Wraiths.

More on the free update can be found here!
Will There Be DLC?

Coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

List of platforms with Local Co-Op
The developers have stated in one of their tweets, that PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC are the only platforms receiving the coach co-op feature update. There hasn't been any word on whether the PS4 or the Xbox One platforms will also receive the same update.

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