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This is a strategy guide for beating Icewind, a boss in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Learn about Icewind's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Icewind Battle Overview

Dark Alliance - Icewind
Quest The Fury of Icewind
Act A Tomb of Ice
The ancient white dragon, Ixbillailzakzillimiliax, Icewind herself, namesake of Icewind Dale, is a legend, a myth formed of ice. Those who first came north and called this place home were terrorized by this gargantuan beast, whose breath they equated to the north wind.
The smallest but most feral of their kind, white dragons like Icewind prefer to attack first without stopping to ask questions, freezing their enemies instantly with their deadly exhalations. She awakened from a long slumber and returned to the Dale, perhaps drawn by the call of the Shard. But the untimely death of her mate Ingeloakastimizilian (better known to some as Icingdeath) at the hands of the Dale heroes drove Icewind to the point of single-minded retaliation. She wanted the Shard, a tantalizing addition for her hoard, but not before she exacted her vengeance and reminded the Dake if who truly ruled these snowy lands.
Fortunately, her rampage was put to an end before she was able to freeze the Dale and claim the Shard for herself.

Icewind is a fearsome dragon that deals tons of damage with her attacks. Cold and ferocious, she will smash, bite, and freeze anybody who opposes her. With a dragon as your opponent, you are going to need to use the ballista in the arena to be able to deal with her.

Icewind Attacks and Abilities

Frost Breath

Frost Breath.jpg
Icewind breathes a beam of frost at the player. This attack is one of Icewind's long-range attacks that can deal a ton of damage from afar. She will use this attack when the player is farther from her. This attack is blockable, but will still deal chip damage and can even kill you. Your best bet is to dodge away from the frosts breath and get in close to Icewind.


Bite attack.jpg
Icewind snaps and bites in front of her. She will only use this attack when the player is close enough to her. This attack is fast and powerful and can take you out in one hit. But the upside is that it is a blockable attack.

Claw Slam

Claw slam.jpg
Icewind slams her claws into the ground, strong enough to deal damage in the area surrounding it. This is another of her close-ranged attacks that is pretty quick and is blockable. This attack can be tricky as you can end up getting hit by it even if it looks like you are out of its range. Blocking even if you are not directly in the way of the attack will make sure you don’t get hit.

Icicle Claw Slam

Icicle claw.jpg
Icewind covers her claws in the power of frost and slams them into the ground, summoning pillars of ice in front of her. A powerful attack that deals a lot of damage if hit directly. The start-up of the attack can look similar to the normal claw slam, but her claws will be glowing.

Flying Frost Breath

Flying ice breath attack.jpg
After hitting Icewind with a ballista, she will fly off into the sky, after a short while she will reappear and breathes frost in a line towards the ballista. This attack is powerful and can take you out in one hit, but is easy to avoid as long as you do not stand in the middle of the arena in front of the last ballista used.

Frost Blasts

Frost blasts.jpg
When you deal enough damage to Icewind she will start hovering over the arena and become immune to damage. While in this form she will continuesly fire balls of frost at the player. Hitting her with a ballista is the only way to stop her.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Icewind

Strategy Checklist
CheckmarkBlock when Close to Icewind

CheckmarkUse the Ballistas as Cover

CheckmarkIgnore the Small Fries

CheckmarkStay away from the Ballista After Firing

Block when Close to Icewind

Block melee attack.jpg
Icewind has powerful close-range attacks that are quick and can be hard to avoid by dodging. Blocking is your best bet when it comes to fighting up close with Icewind. Even when you are on the offense, pause in between attacks to make sure you block her fast and hard hitting melee attacks.

Use the Ballistas as Cover

Stand Behind Ballista.jpg
When fighting the minions surrounding the ballista, Icewind fires Frost Blasts at you. The frost blasts can make it tough to focus on the minions. To make the fight easier, you can stand behind the ballista for cover against the blasts.

Ignore the Small Fries

Ignore the small fries.jpg
When fighting Icewind back in the arena, you will also have to deal with a bunch of minions at the same time. Dealing with the minions can be detrimental when fighting Icewind at the same time. With how big the arena is, it is better to just keep your distance from the minions while attacking Icewind. Once you deal enough damage to Icewind, the other minions will die on their own.

Stay Away from the Ballista After Firing

Stay away from ballista.jpg
Her flying Frost Breath is one of her strongest and fastest attacks. Icewind can appear suddenly from the sky and deal a ton of damage in a straight line in front of the ballista that was last used. Not being aware of this can get you killed instantly.

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