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This is a guide on how to use Empowered Strikes in the game D&D: Dark Alliance. To know more about how you can effectively use Empowered Strikes, read on!

How To Use Empowered Strikes

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In the Optional Tutorial, Trials of Tempus, you learn how to do an Empowered Strike. After landing a successful attack, press either the Square Button (Preset 1) or the R1 Button (Preset 2) to initiate an Empowered Strike.

Using Empowered Strikes in Combat

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When your Ultimate bar is still charging while you are in a tight spot, this is when you can utlilize Empowered Strikes. Empowered Strikes deal more damage to your enemies for the price of 25% of your Ultimate bar. This is also a good way to restore Stamina after releasing a flurry of Light and Fierce Attacks.

You can only use Empowered Strikes if you have at least 25% of your Ultimate bar filled.

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